What helped you the most to be profitable?
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Thread: What helped you the most to be profitable?

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    What turned you a much better trader and profitable?Turning points?

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    After a couple of wins and more reductions admitting that I did not really have an idea what I was doing and perhaps it was time to actually learn this shit....or give up!

    A former spouse and a diminishing bank balance were prime motivators!

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    So just to make this thread full circle... would you please state what your turning points have been ?

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    Possessing every closed transaction, from entrance to exit, plotted on the chart in any way times...h

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    I found Trading Indices and New Trading Wizards helped. I was basically stabbing in the dark (less fun than it seems).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What turned you a better trader and profitable?Turning points?
    In no specific order of priority:

    1. A simple comprehension of why price moves, as well as the chart patterns it subsequently generates. In a nutshell, supply need, support resistance (see here), candle ranges and (believe it or not) volume.

    2. An comprehension of correlation and currency strength, i.e. the best way to maximize the probability of discovering the strongest, cleanest moves.

    3. Understanding that many believed trading 'maxims' are actually myths. I posted a list of them with brief supporting explanations , here.

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    They day once I began to place stop loss orders on all of my transactions was probably the most significant day in my trading career.

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    Trading simulator ....fastened my learning curve. . .was able to test nearly all systems in FF. In a matter of months rather than years and discovered some concepts that actually work also helped me refine my entries and where to set sl

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    trading simulator ....fastened my learning curve. . .was able to test systems in FF. At a matter of months instead of years and discovered some notions that really work also helped me refine my entries and where to set sl
    Which trading simulator have you employed, could you share?

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    A couple of things, chief ones were clearing my charts of rubbish, and just using pivot zones along with price action.

    Only utilizing a set percent risk per trade regardless of what.

    Becoming more picky about my setups.

    Probably the biggest one was moving to DAILY CHARTS, I couldnt pressure enough that if you're losing or even breakeven down at the m5, m15, h1 etc then attempt the daily, really turned me around large fashion.

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