1 year profitable trading goal
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Thread: 1 year profitable trading goal

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    You must post a petition note in this thread to be contained in the list and also be a part of this challenge.

    Current list of participants attached in pdf.

    Rules of the ribbon:

    Trades have to be live, not demonion.

    This not a egy or indior sharing thread. If you're still looking for a egy, then PM a person, or go to some other thread to get what you're looking for. This thread is not to market any trading methods. It is just a interactive trading thread for seasoned traders that are attempting to get past that 1 year profitable landmark.

    Please note, you can just post on this thread should:

    1) that you have a live account TE uploaded or myfxbook and related to your article for a signature
    2) you open/close at least a couple trades every month
    3) you're respectful to others (Profanity = disrespect, do not use it when submitting).
    4) you agree to be a part of this challenge

    Primary goal of the thread summed up: Recognizing human accomplishments, promoting transparency, honesty, patience, humility, respect, and discipline. The goal will be to encourage and recognize as many traders as possible to reach the 1 year landmark

    How to make TE, and make part of posting trademark:


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    Greetings all!

    Hope you are well. Glad to see some have made a success of this trading profitably.

    I am at it again with a very small account. However, I have discovered that making the trading results public adds too much stress to do well, and clouds judgment, and so not good for the mindset.

    Once I've traded profitably for a year, I may share the results here briefly, but till then... want everyone success, and safe trading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    assess my te, if I enought conditions to discuss within this thread. Or I will wait someone posting here
    mozak my bro that the crocodile master

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    assess my te if I enought conditions to discuss within this thread. Or I will wait any one else posting here
    Sir Mozak!

    Looks like you've 1 year profitability. Congrats!

    Of course, I think it's a good thing for anybody who has achieved the 1 year old profitable milestone to contribute.

    You're welcome to post, but if you would like to start another 1 year old profitability venture together with everybody else, then you would want to start a new account. So, you are welcome to post, but you'll not qualify for being part of the struggle, unless you start a new account according to challenge principles...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Cool concept, . Count me in.
    Well, because I was inspired by your struggle to come up with the concept, of course! lol

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    I will join You soon benaiah. Hope I will keep my promise. I enjoy this! In the event you include #6 Rule as a suggestion: #6. Only $1000 minimal account eligible with this thread? And TEforexintuitiveisn't so good. The one myfxbook fortpolio TE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'll join You soon . Hope I'll keep my promise. I Like this! Should You add #7 Rule for a proposal: #7. Only $1000 minimum account eligible for this thread? And TEforexintuitiveisn't so good. The best one still myfxbook fortpolio TE.
    Minimum account balance, I don't believe it necessary. I was planning to start with 1k, but I thought to myself, why should I do that? I will just build 500 into 1k in a week or 2 (at least that is the goal). .

    But I enjoy your myfxbook idea...

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    Well, I'm done trading for the day. Spent about 1 hour in the front of the charts, which is excellent for me, and much less than the 2-3 hour limit I have before I start losing my emotional stability to exchange...

    Hope every one has a fantastic trading day...

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    1 Attachment(s) I don't think any one time period is the BEST. I really don't think intra-day is far better than swing trading. I also think the most important aspect of trading is subject, patience, and money management. Controlling risk is a factor. This will go without saying, but once I hear traders say they double their risk after a loss, this a horrible idea, imo, and just a matter of time till they blow their account...

    Professional traders do precisely the reverse. Should they've a string of losses, then they decrease their risk until they recover.

    On to one of my commerce thoughts, mid-long term...

    Gold - attempting for long at about 1300, and 1272. I may bypass the 1300, depending on if it gets there and how much equity I have... But if it rolls 1272, I'll likely go for it and goal 800 pips.

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