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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    How went past two days for you personally?
    As expected great, but I have to say this is not the only egy im using there are others also its all working out excellent.

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    Extended EJ @ 159.20, 3 micro lots ...

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    This pair really chops its 1 cereal bars have larger ranges . The situation looks bad now, I'm getting out of 1 micro lot.

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    Ok, remaining 2 micro lots exited @ 158.95... I really thought it would go up. Did sb sell it and what are your reasons?

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    By hindsight I think I went against a downtrend on 5 min chart. But I really believed it would go up. Possibly I should have waited for confirmation.

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    Hi blue ,
    I followed you and I only now got margin call .

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    Hello, Banda. I am so sorry about your loss. I myself know that I am a newbie trader and I presumed that everyone else knew about it did not occur to me that my commerce might be really followed by sb. I believed. The E/J commerce of last night was an experiment with a new idea, I suppose you would not have followed me when I had mentioned this. I feel sorry for your margin call. I will try to make certain in the future that this will not happen.

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    My first rule!!!
    Trade together with your own brains or dont exchange!!!!!

    Nice trading and much ???!!!

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    Earned 80 pips today whatsupp no one with this thread?

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