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    Whart a difference a day or two Leaves
    Anyhow (long story) I have this area 156 Approximately - as a Vital Degree; if we can get to 154.50 or so the door Ought to Be open to 145 )

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Whart a difference every day or two makes
    Anyhow (long story) I have this region 156 or so - as a crucial level; when we can get to 154.50 so the door should be available to 145)
    Why do you think it could go so low?
    Asking for actual, not because I believe I know something you do not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Whart a difference a day or 2 makes
    Anyhow (long story) I have this area 156 or so - as a critical Amount; if we Could get to 154.50 or so the door should be Available to 145)
    Weekly trendline support is at that level, so we shall see

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    are more individuals not in love with this pair? Its wild and crazy as g/j but half the price.

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    I have always been in love with this pair. It trends and you may even earn money during consolidation. I have made some fantastic money off this pair weekly. Just waiting to see when the market correction for this pair will start because the Euro is oversold wrt the Yen.


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    I agree, it is a fine one to trade, and now it seems to be heading right into consolidation, possibly (LOL -how is that for non-committal). Anyhow, it looks like it is setting up for a ranging type of market, and I believe I'll just sit on the gains from this week till it figures out exactly what it's going to do...

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    Woohoo it seems the ATM is back in action Just going up Now

    Last week was as Simple as click Market, wait, wait, click buy, get Compensated

    This week seems like the Inverse

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    So u guys think it will reach 160 ish

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    Not sure what it will reach... all I know is I have a 50 pips trailing stop and it is 160 pips over the buy price.

    Good luck!

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    Newbie's View
    EJ can Attain these level

    1st Goal: 160.64


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