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    Starting next week this thread will be active.

    In some ways, this thread will function as my trading journal.

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    For all you EUR/USD traders out there....

    The pair is slightly bullish, and I stay bullishly cautious. Next week is likely to begin with a gap up or bullish behaviour, with resistance approaching 1.1187 - 1.11892.

    It could fade into next week, forcing traders to lock in their profits.

    I'm thinking the selloff is going to be short and quick and timing will be crucial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In certain ways, this thread will function as my trading journal.
    Thread dead? I am curious if I can contribute somehow

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    The thread is not dead, it's just off to a slow beginning. High-impact members are welcome to donate, if it's associated with swing trading.

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    I Am still Advancing on my swinging Abilities this week

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    Well the big trade of now seems to be oil-related. I'm long U/CAD since only over 1.34 and still holding.

    I'm looking to market around 1.3495 in case it has there, though I'm starting to believe it may go higher still.

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    Market wreck tomorrow? GBP/JPY is sinking a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    For all you EUR/USD traders around.... The pair is still slightly bullish, and I stay bullishly attentive. Next week is much more inclined to begin with a gap up or bullish behavior than anything else, together with resistance coming the 1.1187 - 1.11892 area. It might just fade into following week, introducing us traders using a too good to be true problem of accepting maximum profits while we can. The selloff, next week, will be short and quick. As always, timing will be crucial. Trade nicely, crush
    What timeframes are we discussing smash?

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    Frankly, I really don't recall what criteria I was using when I wrote that.

    Market open in a couple of moments will give us a much better idea.

    I still think there's ample resistance approaching the 1.1190 to 1.1200 place, although the bulls have been strong lately... so you will never know.

    Now, it looks like the 4H time period will provide the most insight.

    Trade well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Beginning next week that this thread will be active. In some ways, this thread will act as my trading journal.
    Excellent. I will be patient and wait for few days more.

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