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    Nice analysis zero. . .keep up it
    And thanks to your message, I'm fine

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    I am looking for a broker with such conditions
    1-allow nano lot 0.001 lot order size
    2-allow hedge
    3-have exotic nok,sek,strive pairs
    4- let swap loose accounts

    these 3 conditions is crucial
    the second state is favourable although not crucial

    fixed spread

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    Usd/nok might end up with nasty fall, go NOK

    I guess all will is determined by weekly now. Eyes on NFP to see if Dollar market off may occur

    All red arrows are red bars, using higher volume, revealing tough sellers on any attempt to climb up

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    Weekly failed, however, I'll be looking to brief rallies like there is no tomorrow once it starts turning.

    The move could be the same as Eurjpy a few weeks back

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    FED tonight, and NOK CB tomorrow, It'll Be a big mover this pair

    Actually its going up Challenging is while no other pairs Go is something to Check at

    USDNOK will end like USDJPY did a Couple Weeks ago, Grow up and dump hard

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    FED tonight, and NOK CB tomorrow, it'll be a big mover this pair Actually its going up challenging is while no additional pairs go is something to check at USDNOK will finish like USDJPY did a few weeks before, rise up and dump hard
    with you... Im also anticipating an extremely huge change on eur/nok but some higher prices this week presume.

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    Glad to see SEk cut repo rates, but usdnok is rising more

    It'll fall as a rock Shortly

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    I believe there's still a few bull left eur/nok not sure about usd/nok, the change might happen end of the month it need some time. Also depends upon oil btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I think there's still some bull left in eur/nok unsure about usd/nok, the reversal might happen end of this month it need some time. Also depends upon oil btw. picture
    Yes Oil is something to check at. Nok pairs on oil. Lets wait today

    However, usdnok revealed some sellers on the way upward. Fed Norges will bring some vol anyway

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    FED is performing bad thing for your dollar, usdnok on its way down

    If Norges don't cut tomorrow the way Sweden did. . .we could Have a sweet correction

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