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    On the daily there's a pattern I don't like to see. . .but like PTL stated that it broke a weekly trendline. . .and...

    H1 looks like dips are purchased. . .and no advertising pressure at the top

    Asian pairs are somewhat chy. . .lets see what next week brings us.

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    [quote=;USD/SGN. Weekly trend line broken.

    I m awaiting for a buy on 4h tf, nice tip mate

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    Daily strike a resistance. . .so break or further rally into the psy 1,5000 degree ?

    Intraday shows some promoting on top. . .we'll see if it is enough

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    Dont know if CADCHF is exotic K, but when you get a chance can you have a look, PTL

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Dont know if CADCHF is exotic K, but if you get a chance can you have a look, PTL
    I doubt its own exotic pairs, maybe some kind of exotic cross.
    I don't exchange it but I've checked it and I'm on your side.
    Intradays drops are purchased. . .and daily too.

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    This pair is ranging since the previous couple of months.
    Which way it will break is not easy to imagine.
    Usdjpy appears to be ready for a flight though. . .zarjpy might follow the leader.
    Each dips appears to be bought..but once its on top its not moving greater so I guess patience is the key with this.

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    It should continue its way upward

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Daily Strike a resistance.. .so break or further rally to the psy 1,5000 level ?
    Lets see if the intraday selling takes out the big image
    Otherwise its heading towards 1,5200-1,5300

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Can't find any weakness in the price and swings yet
    Unless usd determines to fix.


    More upside ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I will kick off with usdnok and usdsek.

    It resembles in both every shirts are offered off...
    Even though it goes higher we've got big vol on shirts....well isn't it supposed to function as supply ?

    Next week we will know more anyway.
    I am just trying small shorts on its way up so I can afford a broader stop.

    It looks like the best selling continues for usdsek and usdnok

    usdsek usdnok

    Target is 6,8000 for usdsek and 5,9500 for usdnok. . .but lets see where they want to push up prices before the fall

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