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    Hey guys!

    Here is a new room for anybody feeling like trading exotic pairs.
    pln , zar , dkk , mxn , try , hkd , sgd, sek , nok , ...
    The majority of the brokers offer exotic currencies today.
    Only a few offer some of them listed above (even though I didn't see any brokers offering usdbrl. . .maybe just available for professionals)
    http://www.fxcm.com/ : usd : usdsek usdnok usddkk uddmxn usdhkk usdzar usdsgd usdtry
    eur : eursek eurnok eurdkk eurdkk eurtry
    gbp : gbpsek
    jpy : nokjpy sekjpy sgdjpy sgdjpy hdkjpy tryjpyhttp://www.cambiste.com/ :
    Aud : auddkk audnok audnok audczk audhuf audpln autry audzar
    cad : cadnok cadsek cadpln cadtry
    chf : chfdkk chfnok chfsek chfsgd chfczk chfhuf chfpln chfzar czkpln
    dkk : dkkjpy dkksgd dkkczk dkkhuf dkkpln dkkzar
    eur : eurdkk eurnok eursek eursgd eurczk eurhkd eurhuf eurltl eurpln eurron eurtry eurzar eurrub
    gbp : gbpdkk gbpnok gbpsek gbpczk gbphuf gbppln gbptry gbpzar gbpils
    hkd : hkdjpy
    huf : hufjpy
    mxn : audmxn cadmxn chfmxn eurmxn gbpmxn nzdmxn usdmxn mxnjpy
    nok : nokdkk noksek
    nzd : nzddkk nzdnok nzdsek nzdsgd nzdczk nzdhuf nzdpln nzdtry nzdzar
    pln : plndkk plnhuf plnjpy plnsek
    sek : sekjpy seknok sekpln
    sgd : sgdjpy sgdhdk
    try : trydkk tryjpy tryzar
    usd : usddkk usdnok usdsek usdsgd usdaed usdbhd usdczk usdhuf usdils usdjod usdkwd
    usdltl usdomr usdpln usdron usdsar usdtry usdzar usdrub
    zar : zartryhttp://www.ac-markets.com/online-for...ead-rates.aspx Interesting exotic currencieshttp://www.ikoneurope.com/default.aspx Interesting broker. You can find the wanted USD/BRL or USD/COP pairs

    Post all analysis you wish, any timeframes, any fashions, any exotic pairs.

    Make yourself at home.

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    6 Structure(s) More analysis...I don't trade most of them....yet.
    That I just need to get used to it for your own pln, mxn or zar.


    The daily is upside oriented....but...

    . . .if you look at H1 it sounds rallies are sold also


    Clearly upside. . .except this pattern I do not want to see.


    Can't see any weakness at the price and swings yet
    Unless usd decides to correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote together with you... Im also anticipating a very huge reversal on eur/nok but first some high prices this week think.
    Minimum 10k pips down. H1 pin, rejection from highs

    But eyes FED and Norges

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I m not sure but spreads n votes is a irritant but wish to learn ur manner
    Yes you're right. So the only possibility (for me) would be to trade smaller lots for a wider SL than you use normally to trade a major pair. You haveta trade longer duration so the volatility will not be a large problem.
    And I do not create intraday transactions with exotic currencies. . .unless its a short/long covering.

    Incidentally there's absolutely no point trading usd/dkk. . .its a -1 correlation with all the eurusd.

    I am not really into others currencies like pln or czk though. I will start looking into them though..there could be some excellent long-term chances.

    My favorites are sek and nok.

    I want to see some analysis of the wildest exotic currencies if anybody trade them. . .make yourself @ home!

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    l trade the exotics Frequently, got some tech for you, looking for a swing

    That the nok

    the dkk


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    I m not Certain but spreads n Votes is a irritant but I wish to Know ur way

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    l trade the exotics often, got some tech for you, searching for a swing

    Yes I guess that the usddkk should need a small correction such as eurusd.

    But I can not find any strength. Next week it will happen.
    I guess it will serve as advertising into rallies.

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    It should continue its way down

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    K, nice to see this thread, only noticed it today. I have been going on and on about USD/SGN. Weekly trendline finally broken. See you later marijuana, PTL

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    K, nice to see this thread, only noticed it today. I've been going on and on about USD/SGN. Weekly trendline broken. See you later bud, PTL
    Hello friend! Hope you're enjoying your week end.
    Nobody actually talks about exotic currencies so I figured a thread needed to be created.
    Indeed. . .interesting chart. . I gotta look into that one.

    Grab you on Monday for another Fantastic week.
    Cya mate

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