Here are only few Harmonic patterns to begin with to help the ones that want to begin with Harmonic pattern recognition and development:

Bearish and bullish Gartley pattern.gif

As we proceed along there are also others which I am sure will be posted on my charts so be looking out for them. Additionally for those desiring more knowledge and free training you can visit Mr Pips thread in Ratios and Harmonics: A different way to exchange. From what I am told he provides some principles based notions for trading Harmonics and many have said he does a good Job. Also recommend studying and reading what Scott Carney must say on the subject too. He may have a few pointers to help you get started lol. In case you never heard of him I suggest you google if you anticipate trading Harmonics. Either way I hope you all enjoy and let us begin sharing trade ideas and analysis.

Enjoy, have fun, make a Fantastic afternoon, do your Due diligence, transaction your plan, and may we all make bank