Making Bank: The Harmonic rhythm of the market
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Thread: Making Bank: The Harmonic rhythm of the market

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    Hey Traders here it is the long awaited thread you've been waiting for. lol. The main reason why I began this thread would be to have a place we can all call home and also have an interchange of Ideas. I will be posting my Harmonic analysis here and welcome anyone whether new or seasoned to share whatever they would love to share. It doesn't have to be harmonics but it does have to be more respectful to everybody else. Pissing contests won't be tolerated and are really frowned upon here. If you want to brag then by all means go ahead and brag if it makes you feel good but keep it respectful. That is rule #1!! Rule #2 is I reserve the right to change the rules, add to the principles, or do whatever I please with the rules going forward.

    This thread won't be: This won't be a thread where I will be providing any details or training regarding my principles and commerce program or egy. For the record: I DO NOT USE AN INDICATOR TO FIND MY PATTERNS, so PLEASE do not ask for you. Lol I will say this much and leave it there:

    I love to use the Harmonic rhythm of this market in conjunction with price behaviour along with a confluence of different items to determine High likelihood entry and exit egies to achieve what we are in this type of trading to do, and that my friends would be to Produce BANK!!! . I'm a complete time trader and this is what I do and hopefully a few of you will find a house here or just stop by once in a while to contribute. Either way as I always say....

    Enjoy, have fun, make a great afternoon, do your Due diligence, trade your egy, and can we make bank

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey traders simply finished the next video on Eur/Cad....
    Approaching the AB=CD zone on the Weekly mentioned in this analysis...

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    Hey man nice to see you got your thread began. I truly enjoy viewing the view of harmonics in the markets. I will try to post some of my trades as well

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    Hi CNTrader, just subscribed to a thread was following and learning from you on a different one. Glad to see that you opened your own. I have long way to go as a trader but im on a ideal path I think. Looking forward to your post and trading thoughts, thanks for sharing patterns. Have a good weekend and as you say may we all make bank following week

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    1 Attachment(s) Here is a pattern I am currently concerned with. That is a High cable no net kind of trade given the news which will be coming from China over the weekend. Exercise extreme caution with any open trade within the weekend. I am done for the week. Make a fantastic weekend and remember to enjoy your families.


    Enjoy, have fun, make a great afternoon, do your Due diligence, transaction your egy, and may we make bank

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    This is amazing thanks for starting this thread can't wait to see more of what I have been visiting from another thread.

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    Awesome! Thank you CNTrader. Subscribed and prepared to contribute! Im a trader-in-training and this really is the ribbon for me.

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    1 Attachment(s) Hello CN
    Congrats to the new thread. I will subscribe.
    Following Is a long trade I'm looking at for next week. This pair seems to like the 61.8 retrace - lets see.

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