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Thread: GBP/JPY

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    I couldn't find an active GJ thread, so please discuss your analysis of this gorgeous pair together with us

    After last weeks rally, we only had a 50% fibo retracement, I'm anticipating the bullish move to continue and target is your daily 50% / 61.8 percent fibo level.

    We've got a daily candle close above daily gann hilo, would love a daily candle close above daily 50ema, it would be a fantastic confirmation.

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    1 Attachment(s) For new traders...a couple principles why North was a preferred way to exchange:

    1. The day before we'd Bearish Pin Bar, but inside of a price and that has a reverse signal at which the price is going
    2. The day before price hit on the trendline
    3. Now we got Inverse Head and shoulders formation on 15M time period, price tested the Trendline and Trendline hold and it was supported by
    4. Price creating a greater Low of this Trendline

    Those were my reasons for the Buy trade. But I made a mistake again, my plogy did not hold and I closed the trade with some 48 pips profit instead of putting the SL to BE and run the trade, that would be approximately 170 pips. But I till executed the trade according to the plan and the plan was to close the trade in 20 EMA 4H candle. If NFP data could be volatile there could have been a gap in the price and I did not want to risk a profit to turn to loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Try on of Them! image
    Hahahahaha this brought back a lot of memories

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    wow.... He resides. sup bro. Extended time.
    I am doing great thank you, how about yourself? It is good to see you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am doing good thank you, how about yourself? It is fantastic to see you
    thanks bro. Doing fine myself. Pretty busy in euro than geppy these days. Will check in time to time if I see something in geppy though.

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    wow. . Welcome back mate. . Always a pleasure to see you around. .

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    ....Wellcome back and good luck with all the ribbon, gbp/jpy wanted one.... Will come back in the event that you allow me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    wow.. Welcome back mate. . Always a joy to see you around. .
    Great to see you too bro

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ....Wellcome back and good luck with the ribbon, gbp/jpy needed one.... Will return if you allow me....
    Thanks, nice to see you guys still pippin

    Let us get down to analysis. . We had a near 61.8% retracement and currently waiting to get a 4h candle close above 4h gann and 4h qqe to cross up, that would be a fantastic bullish confirmation and target would be daily 50%/61.8 percent fibo levels

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    ....Good analisis, I agree is bullish this pair also, good luck to all...

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    1 Attachment(s) The way I see it... simplified. . .price is coming to an interested intersection. Should it cross the reduced Bullish Trendline then it may cross the reduced Bearish also. Should it bounce from it, then we may see price going toward 127.00 (especially if BoJ would intervene, I would state this wold be the destination). No longer trades from me this week, it's just to mad with the news. I would hit TP today but I shut the commerce 40 pips earlier. Crazy market.

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