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Thread: Is There Any Thread Summarizing How To Trade Forex?

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    Anyone got idea about Nial Fuller, Jonathan Fox or Even TheForexGuy courses? They utilize quite similar egy pin pub. Is that reliable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote The risk reward direction is 0.75 : 1, With 50% winning ratio, you simply getting cash loses as time goes by.
    LOL,, yeah..and on reliable forex courses, you will find dime a dozen but that doesn't mean they are all good as they put out on then ad pages. .
    The purpose is this, for novice courses, DO NOT PAY ANYTHING, the information is already available on the internet and as for advanced courses, double-check the people on the other side of the course and discover out if it's the real thing. Remember, you cannot use the price of a course to ascertain if it's any good whatsoever with all the logic being higher the price, the more reputable the course must be..believe me, it's more frequently the other way about. So do the research before investing some of your cash to a course..advanced ones, of course. Fantastic luck. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Honestly, there was a great school on a different forumsorry! * which goes through the fundamentals very well and easy. I don't wish to immediately say the title here as not to get in trouble, but if you have a newborn, what is the most frequent name because of its era, together with the word pips, and you got it that is actually a much better forum. Just the school there's easy to understand and presents it nicely.
    You mean What's the problem with mentioning one of the very best fx eduional tools. Gosh!

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    How would you rate Forex.Com's trading school? I came across some ratings where the course was reviewed and seems to have a below average rating. For instance, rates Forex.Com's Forex course at 4/10, this contrasts to DailyPriceAction.Com which has a rating of 8/10 on the website. In your opinion, which course would you counsel for a beginner, and also do the ratings/reviews thing? Thank you and happy trading.

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    Same Question!!! Great Thread Starter!

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