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    Is $100.00 a pip the greatest allowed through an online broker?

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    The general equation for pip value is:

    pip value = 10 * lots * XXX.DDD

    lots: size of your position
    XXX: Quoate currency on your secureity
    DDD: your account currency
    example-1: you entered 0.12 lot on GBPUSD. Along with your deposit currency is USD.
    DDD: USD
    pip value = 10 * lots * USD.USD = 10 * 0.12 * 1 = 1.2 USD

    example-2: you entered 5.72 lot on EUR.AUD. Along with your deposit currency is USD.
    DDD: USD
    XXX.DDD = AUD.USD -- the price of AUD.USD
    pip value = 10 * lots * AUD.USD = 10 * 5.72 * AUD.USD = 57.2 * AUD.USD = ? ? ? ?

    example-3: you entered 3.33 lot on GBP.CAD. Along with your deposit currency is USD.
    DDD: USD
    XXX.DDD = CAD.USD = 1/USD. CAD ----- since there's no pairs called CAD.USD. We only understand USD.CAD
    pip value = 10 * lots * CAD.USD = 10 * 3.33 / USD.CAD = 33.3 / USD.CAD = ? ? ? ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is $100.00 per pip the highest allowed through an online broker?
    The Australian-based br0kers whom I've used permit, at least in concept, 100 lot rankings. Running the SystemInfoDump.ex4 script will tell you the max lots your br0ker offers (see line 27 of the output). Latest version of the script is attached below; more information on this script here.

    Hence in concept, if you are trading at $10/pip/full lot, this would equate to $1,000/pip. Running the DisplayInfoAllPairs.ex4 indior will tell you the $/pip for each currency pair (the 3rd column from the right, if you use the default parameters. Latest version of the script is attached below; more information on this indior stered throughout this thread). Then multiply this value by the max allowable lots, to receive the max $/pip that's theoretically tradable for this pair.

    But at this point, you can potentially encounter slippage, based on factors like br0ker, pair being traded, available liquidity at that time of day, ....
    You can PM ingphil for more information, he apparently trades 100 lot rankings regularly. I believe that one of the br0kers that he uses is Pepperstone.

    You could also ask other MT4 br0kers (list http://100forexbrokers.com/mt4forexbrokers).

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    this could help, you will find two colums for maximum lot and minute lot -- and for pip worth

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is $100.00 a pip the greatest permitted through an internet broker?
    Pip Worth is a kind of fixed factors in forex (sorry for pun). For all pairs (except X/JPY) it stays STANDARD - 1/10000th of the lot dimensions. For XJPY pairs it is 1/100th.
    Pip Value depends on lot size only.
    Pip Worth doesn't depend of leverage
    EUR/GBP 1 lot - pip value is 10 GBP
    EUR/AUD 5 lot - pip value is 50 AUD
    If you would like to know pip worth in USD just divide it from the rate of X/USD.
    That's it.

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    Info boys that are fantastic, I will check it.

    Because of everyone!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah, thanks a lot for your info!

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