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    Ok, so I Am new to Forex and new toforexintuitiveand new to THV but here goes.
    I've hardly any actual experience trading but've done a fair bit of reading here and other places and believe THV might be the way forward for me.
    My rules are those of the THV forum method.
    Long-Price above Coral and Cloud, Trix Crossed and Green. Conservative
    Long-Price above Cloud, Fast Trix Green. Aggressive.
    Shorts are the opposite.
    I will exchange the SPI200, GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP and EURJPY largely.
    I will attempt to keep it easy, I work from home in Australia so London is the Prime trading time for me assuming the kids leave me alone.
    I don't use stop losses, if the trade signals leave I will close it and proceed. I don't have any set Profit for a trade I will either fear and close or let price tell me. It's just a Demo accountso I am not going to shed my top early in my career.
    I haven't figured out how to shoot pictures of my workspace yet so bear with me.
    I will give quick thoughts on each trade/trades when I can in that time.

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    Trade 2. I've had the telephone and kids all morning so likely should not exchange at all. Copped a small bit of slide also. A very slow 3.5 pips on the Eur, I didn't get out fast enough that the first time and it only stopped above the pivot for ages, I got it only the second time. Too slow at the moment so I'll leave it til London. I was occupied when the greater moves occurred.
    I forgot to mention, I am a scalper.

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    Ok, EURUSD, wasn't anticipating the leap but had purchased at 3247 for some rapid pips. Sold too early as usual because its running.
    3 up to now.
    It met the principles, above coralreefs, trix crossed and green and above the cloud. Time was also vital as 6am to 9am is my best window.

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    I had to go out thus have missed some very pleasant entries.

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    Guess it did not work out because of him.

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    Perhaps they believed no one seeing or caring, no one offering encouragement. THey started out thus modestly, unknown in comparision with another Journal keepers. What could have distinguished them finally would have attracted attention would be the persistance. It's difficult writing into a void. I respect them. Perhaps they heard what a daunting task it is to begin a project like that on a website like this... after having begun.

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    Nicely trade 1 today, pretty awful really got in very late. Profit 3 pips.
    Took the trade late was previously cloud and coral trix was crossed and green but very late. Anyway positive pips.

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