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    Hello everybody

    I am trading with Cobra's THV system with mixed outcomes. I shed the trade once I break the rules or once I make poor decisions because of exhaustion or stress. Overcoming these is proving quite difficult. But slowly I believe I am getting there. So far I have blown my dwell accounts too many occasions, but still not willing to go back to demo. I have spent interms of money and time. So I am decided to succeeed, but optimism slightly fading away.

    I would like to place my trades. I should be obliged if any experienced trader seing this thread may comment on my errors or very good conclusions. I intend to conduct this thred for a month. At the close of the month, if I do not have profit, I will shut the thred.

    I will post my trades from tomorrow. Each of of the trades lose or win.

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    I took this trading at 12.57. But should have taken it at 12.55. Got distracted at the moment, but obtained it late and therefore lost few pips.

    Obtained outof the trade when 5min fact trix touched the oversold area. I would have waited the trade to run farther but news at 13.30. So closed it.

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    So, how can it go? Can you end up making money in the end of the month? :-)

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    Sorry, I'm not continuing this. I find this as a diversion. So fucussing my small brain on the trading and chart setup. But I feel that regular, I'm improving and getting lot more diciplined. However there are just a few trades I have taken on a regular basis where If I had been cafully using my knowledge, I would have not entered.

    Good luck with your trading.

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    Are you trading utilizing the THV system? :--RRB- In case you're, how is the machine working out to you then?
    Otherwise, what system are you currently using then, and why did you switch?

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    I am still using THV and profitable. However make trades. As explained in the THV ribbon, THV does not provide exit and entry signals but a setup to utilize with your trading skills. I utilize THV with Pivot points, S/R levels and EMA.

    Normally THV can provide you 1 or 2 great trade set up a day.

    One one trade today. Yesterday no trade at all, as a result of THV setup near news release. There's a new thread called THV system trades and patterns. The THV veteran Miss Pips do post her analysis there. Take a peek.

    Good luck with your trading.

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    Launched trading at 8.30 am (GMT). I trade EURUSD. My view is that after I become consistantly profitable with this pair, then I shall try end exchange other pairs too. But right now focussing on a single pair appears to be hard.

    The price was going sodeways before 12 noon. I was sitting patiently, nearly watching every 1 minute candle. Dissaster happend at 12 noon. Became took a transaction and impatient.

    Once I took the trade it appears that 5 minute trix have already crossed and the fact trix was level. I thought it'll move down in the path of 15min trix. The reason being that there was a new trix cross in 1 minute chart.

    See image:

    Managed get from it without too much damage. Reduction 2.3pips.

    I read it someplace, I think its on James16 ribbon which let go beyond all of the 'A' grade tarade installments and await the 'A ' trade. This is not an A .

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