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    080513 Tuesday
    daily outcome 1.26%
    total outcome 2.28%
    080514 Wednesday
    daily outcome -3.21%
    total outcome -1.00%

    Yesterday I made three trades. First two were losers and also the previous one covered the loss
    Today I also made just 3 trades and three of these were losers. No trading for now.

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    080515 Thursday
    yesterday string of loosing transactions caused I dropped some confidence and I became overwhelmed by fear.
    Now I entered correctly, but I transferred SL to early to BE and I had been ceased.
    Las times I did some serious study on SL degree and it is proven that the best outcomes look when I do not touch my initial SL (-30) unless price reaches 30 pips.
    I would not like to break this principle.
    Yesterday I dropped 3 times -30 pips (-90pips) but today due to breaking up the SL rule I dropped opportunity to collect a few pips.

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    080528 Wednesday
    daily outcome 1.41%
    total outcome 0.40%

    080529 Thursday
    daily outcome 4.06%
    total outcome 4.470%

    In May I was trading just 8 days risking no more than 1.5% over a single trade
    my whole result at the end of April was -5.79% and it is 4.47%
    that means I accumulated in May 10.27%
    this is really first real profitable month at my brief trading life.

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    080605 Thursday
    daily result 1.65 percent
    total result 6.11 percent

    I did not plan to exchange today because of peaceful market behaviour but viewing sudden rally caused by economical events I chose to jump in. It had been fast scalp 30 pips
    As my whole result is over 5% today I am ready to improve my risk up to 3 percent on one trade. If I decrease those 5% then my risk will probably be again 1.5 percent

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    To trading brake I'm back following 3 years. There are 4 months in front of me to trade and adapt myself to the market conditions. I'll post and maybe also describe my trades here. Almost nothing happened to my approach. Just clear price action as it is described in post.

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    So... What Is it going with the PA? Is that your primary trigger?

    I'll be keeping a watch on ya.

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    080331 Monday
    It was consolidation day.
    I made 4 scalping transactions; 4; 1; 35; 0.
    Tomorrow price may go down.

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