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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    080403 Thurdsday

    another large scale ranging day
    4 transactions; -10; 10; 10; 0;
    I do not feel comfortable during such days. If I do not see my preferred conditions and setup I like to return.
    The first transaction today was a mistake. I jumped on a rapid volatility growth and that I failed the rule of waiting till candle closes.
    Three immediately following transactions were created after viewing double bottom (15min and 5min).
    This was it for today. I did not feel comfortable to exchange more.
    What charts are these? Oanda?

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    thanks Rosco_P
    Yes, all these really are oanda charts. They seem slightly different because I am working on mac.
    Looks like triangle or wedge consolidation is forming a daily.

    Tomorrow I might not be trading due to other duties.

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    080410 Thursday; no trading;
    080411 Friday; no trading;
    Summary of the week
    15 transactions (-6):
    - 5 winners ( 34)
    - 6 be (0)
    - 4 Winners (-40)
    next week I will not be trading

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    today I made more than 10 trades (I did not plan to make over 3) and what is more important I did not feel worried at all during my trading hours. That's definitely something new...
    so far as tenkan kijun cross signs are worried I was entering exactly when I should.
    Just forth signal was a winner,
    It wasn't very profitable day for me but I rely enjoyed both loosing winners and trades.

    Tomorrow I will try to execute tenkan kijun cross signs on a separate oanda sub-account since this indies are most significant for me and I would like to definitely se how I'm handling those transactions.

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    080422 Tuesday
    other obligations don't allow me to count my pips or maybe I'm too lazy or tired. Today again I had been making so many transactions...
    but it was fine winning day for me personally.
    I decided to make two changes with this diary entries
    1) instead of describing my entries I would like to concentrate on something that grabbed my attention every day.
    2) since tomorrow I will attempt to describe my outcomes in loss/profit percentage for daily instead of pips.

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    080423 Wednesday
    daily result -4.81 percent
    total result -7.97 percent

    It had been quite difficult day for me personally. There was no even one trade that is winning.
    Loots of both BE and looser after looser. I finished my trading soon after US open
    The worst thing is I was speculating and I didn't follow the method. This was proper punishment.
    I hope I've learned something from this lesson.

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    080424 Thursday
    daily result 1.78%
    total result -6.34 percent

    I did not trade much now
    My first entry was in the area indied on the chart but I was ceased (-20 pips). I jumped again short after Euro news and immediately collected some 50pips.
    Looks like I see my problem now
    I'm tightening my initial stop loss 30pips to quickly and I am actually ceased. Yesterday at least two potential winners were ceased -20pips and I did not reenter.

    You will find two possible solutions to this issue comming to my head...
    1) push myself to not move cease for at least 30min (two 15 min candles)
    2) put buy/sell order 10 pips greater (for short) or lower entry sign.

    Anyhow I have to do some research...

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    080425 Friday
    daily outcome 0.58%
    total outcome -5.79 percent

    there was just one main short trade marked on the chart.
    I did not move initial SL until price moved 30 pips in my leadership and reached significant support level. And because of this I didn't loose that is my main success today
    I then shielded 25% of my profit and got ceased. Then price moved south but I was not in. I jumped once or twice but it was not exactly the same as one appropriate entrance and logically monitoring the stop.

    Another thing to double check - what's more profitable: protecting some profits (25%) when price reaches significant support/resistance levels or simply staying at BE regardless of what?

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    080501 Thursday
    daily outcome 7.53%
    total outcome 1.31%

    I made just one trade which gave me 160pips
    The outcome is nice but I entered litlle bit too premature and exit was manual (not by kijun monitoring stop).
    So much it my very best trade as well as the longest one (8 hours).
    Money management restriction:
    Until my total result will probably be 5 percent I will keep on risking no more than 1.5 percent on a single trade.

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    080507 Wednesday
    daily result: -1.03%
    total result: 0.26%
    it had been nice trending day. System nevertheless gave me just one clear signal and I had been stopped. Everything was correct.

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