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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote the easiest would be probably to read the journal? (de mivel magyar vagy, milyen honfitars lenne aki nem valaszolna a kerdesedre??) but here it is: I am a major advoe of a sensible equity stop reduction. . .in my case it's -10%. Within that I can scale in and from any installments, each entry by itself being insignificant enough to leave me room for some mistakes in time, and allow me to by a high percentage end the times in profit. While the daily profit is relative minuscule vs eq SL, it tend to work out just fine ( as I dont need to hit...
    ( Köszi szépen ezt nem gondoltam volna, mármint a honfitársat de nagyon örülök Esetleg privát beszélgetésben benne lennél? )

    Thank you very much, keep it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    now the news, and so the action is a little before, it is only mid-afternoon my own time, and way before the NY open in which the majority of my scalping happen. Greetings again PF, great to find all is well. I ask your trading hours? Example do you get ready for new York open, London open, Tokyo open, or can you set an alarm for those pairs to achieve certain ADR before you face your charts. Some tips on the time you punch / clock in will be fine interesting. TQ
    hi Okshop,

    I scalp, and 99% of the time it is counter to the move, therefore, I need the price to move . . .thus usually that is later into the afternoon.
    If I am up, I may take a look at the Asian session or London, but I am not looking for the opening times.
    If anything, I am timing matters around the large effect news, as they have a tendency to attract directional moves I can fade.
    And yes, really, I prefer to get a certain%age of ADR reached that can enhance the opportunity to get a pullback.
    Also, I believe was some articles about the CSM, that I like extremes for similar reasons, to pick spots for some stalling or flip.
    In a similar fashion I use RSI also, as an indiion of a potential trade. ( but if charts appeared it is clearly not about crossing X level down or up!) .

    For trading occasions, here's a current full stat out of myfxbook:

    it is pretty clear once the majority occurs.
    Interestingly, the Wpercent is reduced nowadays, but one ought to consider 2 very important points I mentioned prior:
    1. I exchange for profit/money.
    2. I care per se the N%, Rration, or even the pip count for this matter.

    The ideal illuion for point#1 perhaps:

    hope this will help to know it better.
    Joyful trading

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    Took nearly 3 months, but came out of this horrible back-to-back equity SLs and the drawdown it caused on this TE account!
    To be accurate, it took 45 consecutive winning times...a very long time, to be consistent.
    9 total trading weeks, and time I miss a day or two for various reasons; sometimes simple there is non of my kind of trading opportunity, sometimes family reasons, etc..
    Now that ending of January high has been reached ( and passed by 0.04 percent, lol), it hopefully doesnt mean to finish things here!
    not at all my intention!
    To be on the safe side, yet another 10-12% gains would be required ( sufficient room for a potential full equity SL) to keep the curve upwards.

    I mentioned before, consistency is inspiration for me personally.
    A personality I especially felt touched me in his doctrine about making money consistently, day to day, week to week...
    Alex, the Daytrader, from Wall Street Warriors reality show

    in a way I hope showing a live TE and that profits can be made in a consistent manner, with highest account drawdown still kept comparative low (-18% at worst, the current recovery), will inspire some of you the same manner; that it can be done, and it is likely to make enough of a living from trading ( even if perhaps not get wealthy by it, according to mega millionaire).

    happy trading!

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    Excellent job there PF!

    Just wanted to remind one that history will repeat itself. Do not get too excited today. To not curse you but prepare for the second drawdown to happen again.

    At least you'll be prepared this time and understand that you can get them back like this moment.

    I think there's a saying like this:- You won't ever know who wins until the coffin has been sealed/shut. Keep this up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    great job there PF! Just wanted to remind one that history will repeat itself. Don't get too excited. To not curse you but constantly prepare for the next drawdown to occur again. At least you'll be more prepared this time and understand that you can get them back like this moment. I believe there's a expression like this:- You won't ever know who wins until the coffin has been sealed/shut. Keep this up!

    in actuality, it's well documented here ( as it's among my favorite to conquer ) there was a few previous drawdown occasions, and subsequent recoveries.
    This one differed in 2 things:
    1. It had been 2 successive trading day that suffered a loss, something that I havent had previously, but never completely excluded the opportunity; hence a lower -10% eq SL.
    2. In past drawdown had been across the board, this moment, even with both successive, my private acct that traded marginally differently saved the day and was never in total equity loss. Even though February grand total finished flat, very flat, with 99$ profit for the month!! Not something that a complete time trader can call creating a living. March was marginally better, maybe 1.5k, almost ok, but maybe not quite,. . .then came back into the level in which my bills are covered just fine. ( I was 14 days on vaion, but still!) .

    I understand I show one account only, but there is a bit more to this than this single account, and I am really into the close of the month grand total across all.

    This is a travel, hits some drops, hits a few temptations, but all I could tell you I am still loving it, it's still exciting, and it's still holding many opportunities I may or may not foresee as a future.
    I have some milestones I expect to hit, going forward.
    To name few, surpass my previous consecutive winning days amount, pass the 10% this month, or even get a bit more serious again on prop trading.
    Those has great potentials all, will see!

    happy trading!

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    weekend, finally!

    Today the trading (scalping) began with all the CAD news, and finished just within an hour.
    I was in an outside equally EurCad and GbpCad attempting to average my not best entrances, but nothing too crazy.
    Eventually things worked out and equipped to terminate the day to get a decent 0.44%.

    The week is green, not as powerful as the past, but an extremely nice 1.68%. Can take that any and every week, thankfully.
    This month is flying, currently at 6.96%, still not in former high, but not too much bellow neither.
    Appears like my hot series goes back, too bad to the drawdown, or because of it, cant say for certain.
    Things are going strong, and more importantly consistently, if counted correctly today was that the 43rd winning day in a row. . .not nevertheless at my prior record ( 50?) But not far. The last loss was on 2nd March...2.5 calendar weeks off!

    apart from hitting new equity , this is one place I love to challenge myself, create consistent profit day/week and possible month also.
    Of course every good run finishes somewhere, never a minute I believe it wont.
    Nevertheless, I believe it is essential to notice , that trading is to get money.
    A winning day = made money.
    It's extremely different from a W% measure.
    A high W% may lose money. For any period.
    Of course so can winning days end op at a losing month.
    It's important to understand what you're doing right, where your edge lies, and try to construct around it something that suits you and compatible with your system and your individual tastes.
    I really hope that in the long run will prevent better the back losses, but if this happens it could be taken care of.
    Even without revenge trading, accepting bigger risk in hope of a speedier recovery.

    happy weekend!

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