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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    J-f, that is the character of it!! finding the equilibrium that function for your desire. So long as the daily yield correspond in a positive way with the DD/SL frequency, trading will have a positive expectancy. Now started out rough me, since my commerce copier's website was down, Greetings PF, been after with some like () here and there. Great that you're sharing your expertise. May I ask what trade copier you're using is FX Blue on a vps any good? Regards.
    Hello Okshop,
    Back when I had been searching, I attempted fxblue's copier, along with other people, and on my personal comparison it came out as the funniest.
    I settled in the ending with autofxpro, both for backup speed and ease of use works because of my own need. . .risk multiplier setting, auto equity stopout on slaves, and slippage control. I mainly use the local copier inside my PC (someplace I wrote about accidents with ICM's VPS).
    The copier cost me 150$ (really half was compensated by a friend whom I copied trades).
    Overall, after 9 weeks I'm generally happy, even if it isn't a free I feel I got the value for my money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello PF, I'm glad to see full time trading functioning for you! As a general fact, that which I could see is that being a complete time trader isn't simple in any respect! Supposing this TE was the only account of the trader, looking at this calendar year, now we're in May and the profit starts to arrive now, many invoices already did ... Good luck on your journey, your time in keeping this journal, and not only that, is highly valued!
    Hello aa4fx,

    True everything you say, but then there is few details to consider also.

    This TE only carries 20 percent of my overall equity currently. With more equity available more flexibility could be utilized...a crude example: a simple martingale has a lot better survival chance of same lot sizes on 50k compared to 10k....even 2x bigger lot sizes. Straightforward more space to handle the losses. Of course I'm not trading simple martingale!

    To make hay while the sun shines....
    If trade full time, make sure when you're doing strong performance you supply for the leaner/loser months.
    This TE acct. Has made 137 percent last year (myfxbook). Really what it does not show an equal amount of 90 percent of total deposits currently withdrawn from it.
    My personal acct. Work on similar principles. When the target trading equity facet is reached ( I wrote about this in few posts across the journal that which I consider as a essential equity side to have the likely profits cover my invoices and lifestyle), it becomes even simpler with the balancing of acct., involving some sort of compounding and the withdrawals as private salary.
    Just recently mentioned I withdraw some of the profits in my acct to some sub acct, that alone able to cover 2 months living costs.

    Prop as extra income.
    While I cut back a lot on prop trading from March, involving a Sept2017-March2018 prop earnings alone could cover my living costs.
    That subsequently helped me a lot, let to compound my own private profits without withdrawing.
    That resulted in the point at which private equity obtained to a level I can comfy rely even as only course.

    Stand on more than One leg.
    Whilst trading is the complete time and main income (private and/or prop), I have some small side income from stocks dividend, and other interest income. While this year under plays some, the dividend is a cashflow if needed.
    Additionally once in a while I have other odd incomes, which not sum much, but add to the bottom line a little here and there. It's true that every little count.

    Don't enlarge on expenses and lifestyle if there is no secure means to achieve that. I delayed a trip back to Hungary, not in need right now to upgrade the vehicle, have enough to not starve if a black swan comes around. At least for a while. An individual can simply be ready so much. But without taking this leap of faith to the anonymous of full-time trading, I would never understand what it's like.
    Considering everything, income, work hours, flexibility, the quality of my entire life...I never have regrets making this jump.

    If at all possible, do not burn all bridges.
    After a year of full-time trading my old job still would be available for me on a comparative short note. I made it in good terms, and I was good enough and experienced enough inside that they'd be delighted to take me. Though I see my future without it, it's a comforting notion that if the roof falls in on me I may have an alternate.
    But it's an alternative that instead holding me back out of trading, is quite motivating to be successful at.
    I labored at sea long hours, 300 hours. Far from loved ones, and much from existence as most knows it in land. A good 15 years was enough to willingly enslave myself.
    It's a potential choice, yes, but an option I do not like to rely on!

    A closing note:
    I decided on full-time trading since - on mid time horizon- I really could envision making equal or better income compared to my last job, with probably lot less hours input.
    Thus far this came true, and on average I have better income, and less than half the work.
    However full-time trading is a living, but I did not became a millionaire, and maybe never will. But nor would be out of my past job!!
    I don't have any idea what the future will bring, but pleased with the present, and optimistic about the possibilities.

    Happy trading!

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    Always a pleasure to read your updates :--RRB-

    Keep trading, do not change anything - you're doing great, well done, an inspiration to many of us

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi aa4fx, Authentic everything you say, but there's few facts to think about also. This TE only carries 20% of my total equity currently. With more equity available more flexibility could be used...a crude example: a simple martingale includes a lot better survival possibility of same lot sizes on 50k than 10k....even 2x larger lot sizes. Simple more room to handle the losses. Of course I am not trading easy martingale! to make hay while the sun shines.... If trade full time, make sure when you're doing powerful performance you provision for your leaner/loser...
    Good stuff!

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    Realistic profit expectations

    I don't believe this should be a high % amount.
    Sure enough 100% a month sounds great, or 10 percent a week sounds great, and moving from 200$ to 100k sounds great.
    Just I don't see myself doing it regularly.
    If I would like to truly trade for a living that I need a somewhat consistent profit.
    Let's say I'm fairly satisfied with 2-10% a month, as that surpasses bank's risk free interest rates handsomely.

    Of course, profits when consistent, not derived from 1 or two few trades that are lucky.
    The preceding 2-10% a month imply average 0.1-0.5% a day profit.
    Nothing to ensure it is worthwhile to spend days in the front of the computer, attempting to achieve such 2-10% a month on a 200$ account, or even on a 1000per account,and of course to make a living from. 10-100$ a month just won't make ends meet, in spite of my low cost quiet lifestyle.

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    yesterday turned into a no trade day split involving the immigration office and relevant paperwork and a not so pleasant 800km in the vehicle with the aircon not working. ( it is on the to do list, but easier said than done to find a repair shop that's both dependable and doesnt lock my car for 2 days or more).

    Today's EurNzd chart is a fantastic example of a day when cash can be made both long and short, and when a lot of cash is left on the table.
    I actually did attempt to be a bit more patient with the transaction, but it seems I still need to sit on my hands.
    Anyhow, some cash is far better than no money, and EN did contribute to the day 0.15percent (half the profit of 0.30% now till today ).
    Unfortunate, that my personal larger account was prone for a few worse fills and neglected to contribute the identical %age, but overall is not a bad day up to now, especially since there isnt many news ( of any effect ) today.

    since I find myself with time component of the day and the weekend, I hope to dust mentoring, and when and if the prior HWM reached, do provide it for a single man who believes would benefit from some 1-on-1 time spent going thru on some plogical aspects of trading and discuss a little to more details my trading also.
    Mind, that I am still currently approx 1.9% bellow that HWM on this TE acct, but there's a good probability to get there about the close of the month, with some luck and a couple of fantastic trading sessions.
    When there's more than one interested may, such as in the past, consider two guys, but it isnt a guarantee. Additionally, a disclaimer, it isnt a first come first serve, but if interested drop me a PM. As usual, it is wholly free, no ch, no hidden sale, no registering for whatever. All I ask is devotion, and a few simple discretion.

    Just a note,
    for all those adventurous and like swing trading, UsdTry chart may pose a fantastic brief opportunity ( with the right scaling in, and keep it light!) Using a bonus of a wonderful positive swap to scoop up also. For scalping right now it may be a little risky nonetheless, and most surely a no touch for anyone with small equity!
    I dont post chart for this, but all start to line up the way I like to view about the higher time frames.
    **Just an edit: the time of submitting that the UsdTry price was about 4.65 (the same period of writing my scalps, today closed were from 4.6524 and 4.6635)**
    (only for its disclaimer, I do scalp it in my Personal account)

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    today the news, and thus the action is somewhat earlier, it's only mid-afternoon my time, and far before the NY open at which the majority of my scalping happen.

    EurUds and GbpJpy.
    2 entirely different pair by character, by range, and today by the outcome also.
    Was expected to have less problem with EU but it have shaken me out little too premature.
    But then, there is the GJ chart, that's a prime case that there can be pips chosen up time to time on temporary pullbacks, but one can easily overstay his welcome remaining too long in a commerce in hope this is going to be THE turn.
    That said due the range of GJ of I could get a few more pips than the net 22 on it...
    on the other hand EU on the conclusion only yielded net 8 pips. Part because of a huge slippage within an entry which caused me to be unable to depart some entrances where and when I could. Anyway, things can and do occur, and need to re-assess and fix accordingly.
    In the end it's good profit, 0.65% so far, but a few horrible gap on my sub accounts, that may wipe a grin.
    That the EurUsd chart:

    that the GbpJpy chart:

    happy trading!

    PS. Still 1.1% bellow the last HWM of the account...a target isnt far out of reach, finally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can you inform me in your MM?
    The easiest would be probably to read the journal?
    (de mivel magyar vagy, milyen honfitars lenne aki nem valaszolna a kerdesedre??)

    but here it is:
    I am a big advoe of a sensible equity quit reduction. . .in my case it's -10%.
    Inside that I can scale in and from any setups, each entrance by itself being insignificant enough to leave me room for some mistakes in timing, and allow me to by a high percentage end the times in profit.
    While the daily profit is relative minuscule vs eq SL, it tend to work out just fine ( as I dont have to hit the whole -10percent to have a loss).
    I fully disregard Rratio, I exchange for profit, and consistency; to pay the invoices.

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    [quote=;11089142]now the news, and so the action is a bit earlier, it is simply mid-afternoon my time, and way before the NY open at which the majority of my inventories occur.

    Greetings again PF, great to find all is well. I ask your trading hours?
    Example do you get ready for new York open, London open, Tokyo open, or do you set an alarm for those pairs to achieve specific ADR until you confront your charts. Some tips on the time you punch / clock will be fine interesting. TQ

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