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    end of another week.
    And technically it's also end of the month for me personally, as Monday (and a part of Tuesday too?) Will be consumed by driving/moving in.

    Today trading has been revolving around GBP, my decisions were GbpAud, and also for decrease exten GbpCad ( 1 odd EurUsd scalp).
    Type of deja vu, originally little early, but overall quite respectable day in the end, the internet 28 pips value a decent 0.46%.
    This subsequently help to lift this two days a week to get a 1.1%, what's just fine with me.

    April as is, endings at 5.72%

    April was a month of recovery, continued the gradual but steady day to day job that began after the two days back-to back DD of 28thFeb and 2ndMarch.
    It's still not at its conclusion, by any means, and this TE account still reveals a -4.3% reduction for the year!
    On the optimistic note, now only seen the 29th consecutive winning day ending, not my own personal best, but it's a promising one, particularly as during this period the worst DD remained within 2 percent.
    I wanted to stage a slow, steady consistent recovery this time, cos the deeper back-to-back drawdown, and I am happy with the progress up to now.

    I am blessed, because dont have instant money pressure on myself, and while desire to regain TE account naturally a little faster, on the other hand because my personal account balances the big picture rather well, and then assists maintaining a level head.
    Also, while in the prop world drawdown isnt a positive occasion easy cos no HWM= no operation fees; exactly the same the capability to recover is obviously a confidence booster for both the prop company and possible prop opportunities, and of course the for the trader himself too.

    Psy/Axi account needed a partial deposit a week which has done some great already, and even though there is still a drawdown there, I am near even on my total deposits today. In accore with the principles, May may observe a readjusting of my prop account there upwards to reflect the accession of equity ( current prop acct size probably should be moved to 50k..., principle: Axi funds = 5x of trader's own at current level).
    If and that is a big IF likely! , things stay on track performance moves back to positive, it's a risk that things progress.

    There is still plenty to do, and I am looking forward for what gambling in May brings. . .the goal is to BE for the year ( and of course then ultimately a new HWM), but the plan is flexible.
    For the greater picture of the aforementioned, next the TE account I comprise a shot from the private one ( that you are carrying the majority of my trading funds).

    happy weekend!

    PS. Intending to write some thoughts on goals settings and motivation up as I see it today, a couple months down the road trading time, if time permits this weekend. Because the thread is quite, I think isnt considering these thoughts considerably, not that I am getting many technical concerns, lol.

    PPS. Decided to draw some money. As looking to build up my trading equity, took time on this. But using a lengthy profit streak, taking out from busy trading circulation of ICM funds appear to be a fantastic precaution. Bank move out signify around 5.5% of total equity, leaving still enough to fulfill my target trading equity wants, but the same time cover a number of their ongoing and upcoming expenses.
    Cash has a function in end of the day, and left some years ago the mistake not paying frequently ( and there we're on topic concerning the ongoing objectives and motivation...)

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    Not too easy to compose my thoughts about writing this bit or not.
    Setting initial expectations and goals is hard and subjective enough, and about the road down things get only more and more subjective.

    So much so, in a way I believe those who not personally experience it begin not to understand things, just as their angle didnt align with people who travel this route.
    I believe that it is better that I removed the original article I wrote here now.
    I did work around two hours on it, and was not convinced it is well enough written to reflect my ideas.
    On the other hand my own amounts and goals likely not attention even that many since the overall idea of establishing and having aim.
    Or even better, landmarks, so that they wont have to set periodically, but only to signal a new part of a journey.

    I personally feel that my own journey also has entered to a new chapter, where a lot of the initial goals were fulfilled already, and there is an obvious need to place a few newer ones going forward.
    While hard to explain all of my ideas, one significant thing is, these goals doesnt have to be at all a straightforward 'increasingly more income to create'. On the contrary.
    Wealth is comparative, and time is constrained.

    happy weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    time is limited
    as within our physical kind you mean ? the fact remains that money can not buy physical and mental health but it can buy stuff, a lot of stuff a few are helpful most are just excess we only need a particular sum to be fulfilled and joyful anything more does not improve our quality of life, but the common sense that is applicable to all area of life I think also goes for money, everything in moderation for a relaxing encounter ho wever brief or long it could be. I'm very much looking forward to the next phase of your trip PF!! I'm growing to enjoy your principle when it comes to trading and the way you're headed more and more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    time to celebrate? I believe not just yet! TE is slightly above BE, myfxbook is little bellow BE. . .and both to be bellow HWM. But admittingly this month is looking strong up to now! For a particular someone I'd promised that might take a trip to HK if a certain profit number gets hit this month. . .and I possibly did it hastily, as honestly I've been to HK over I care to count. But a promise is a promise, and if things stay smooth, I might have to get my passport ready. picture picture happy trading! PS. The numbers involving the...
    Congrats PF, may HWM be each week.

    HK will be good to visit.

    I'm attending TradeTechFX Barcelona in September this year. Last year was good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Congratulations on a great trading day, PF!
    still way behind you Dude, particularly in $$$ terms....but the prognosis is great this season. Roughly 4.5% more to new high (with this TE), then it'll get interested.

    On a different note:
    it looks like Psy/Axi altering prop status to expert.
    Still have to learn what it means precisely, since this is the first time (3 people at the present time) traders reach the level.
    But it just can mean good potentially. (I'm at equity there, I believe)

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Congrats PF, may HWM be every week. HK is going to be great to see. I'm attending TradeTechFX Barcelona in September this year. Last year was great.
    Thanks some good days to go!

    I like HK, but with the cruiseline I had been there several times, and also 3 past personal excursions too (like my honeymoon back in 2002).
    I might prefer a different destination, but not really sure what.
    Maybe the Maldives, but that runs too pricey for me at the present time, Myanmar nevertheless was always intriguing, and I just been to Yangon thus far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote hi , thanks for the comment. I'd love to reply to the part a few. Of course the full egy may not suit everyone, and if you recall, just in the previous post I mentioned that the previous few occasions I had been focusing highlighting only the trades where difficulties arise. I think that it would be more boring ( or misunderstood for bragging) if I post every single trades once I have 15/15 winners intraday with all single entries and without climbing. Trust me, I have. And I know the TE revealing the trades it couldnt be stated...
    Congrats on the back to positive year already!!!! :0))

    100% agreed with you , you can use the same method of scalling in however with adapting leverage into your risk appetite.
    Higher returns come with higher risks (but still in conjunction with all the equity stop reduction), and everyone mind is different with risk acceptance.
    My mind still needs a lot of work obviously.

    As you prove day after day in your thread and TE, it's working very well for you.

    Keep it going, and enjoy your coming shortly vaions, being in HK, the Maldives, Myanmar or elsewhere!!


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    that's the essence of it!!
    finding the balance that function for your appetite.
    So long as the daily return correspond in a positive way using all the DD/SL frequency, trading is going to have a positive expectation.

    Today started out rough on me, since my trade copier's site was down, and I believe that played on the authentiion to start it up.
    Missed some good entries on two of my accounts, including this one.
    Then it turned around, and I began to find my speed and lower risked lower drawdown setups.
    And then here's a day that probably one of my greatest in a little while, with roughly 1.33%.
    I was fortunate to complete 2 of the tasks I planned out for this particular month:

    with a little GJ entrance still on, because I let my covetous side win over, and determined that when the market is in 'giving mode' I should take what's given....but I believe this is the final one, for real, for today.
    A total 5 hours from the pc, scalping, is longer than usual, and yesterday was also a bit long.
    But time is nicely compensated today, really nicely.

    Tomorrow Friday, and I am looking to take things lighter, probably. Then there is the 2nd part of the month to work on task#2.

    happy trading!

    Due the strong setup of this very first part of the month (particularly on my private account) a good part of the profit was withdrawn into the side.
    In the event of this TE account that's roughly 2.7 percent of the equity, nothing major, but enough to maintain the risk on track. (-10% removed from my private acct).

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    Glad to see you are ahead of your program, back to green for this particular year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Glad to see you're before your schedule, back to green for this season.
    Total, was never in the red this season.
    But it's very good to get this TE also in order!

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    Hi PF,

    I am glad to see complete time trading functioning for you!

    As a general fact, what I can see is that being a complete time trader isn't simple at all! Assuming this TE was the only account of this trader, considering this calendar year, now we're in May and also the profit starts to arrive now, many bills already did ...

    Good luck on your journey, your time in keeping this journal, and not only that, is highly valued!

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