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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote no one's interested in what is going on in the kitchen. Everybody wants to eat! quote never made friends with pivots? The daily S2 has been screeming 1.398!
    Did utilize pivots, did utilize fibos. . .there was a time I experimented more.
    They then were gone.
    First fibo, then pivots too.
    My charts are pretty easy. RSI is that there cos it is an old love, and on a single chart I have a CSM. I can return to mention there, dont put around it.

    Was just something yesterday I was considering pivots, and daily TF, but it was not scalping idea. The weekend is going to be a fantastic time to toy around with it a little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    time to celebrate? I think not yet! TE is marginally above BE, myfxbook is little bellow BE. . .and both to be bellow HWM. But admittingly this month is looking strong so far! For a special someone I had promised that may take a visit to HK in case a certain profit number becomes struck this month. . .and I maybe did it hastily, as honestly I have been to HK over I care to count. But a promise is a promise, and if things stay smooth, I may have to receive my passport ready. image image happy trading! PS. The numbers involving the...
    Congratulations on a great trading day, two % sweet, PF!

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    NFP Friday.

    For the past couple of days I'm sick, and now finally made my mind up ( and discovered that the time) to visit the local hospital.
    Only good news.
    First and most important, now no injection for my butt, the physicians always pleased to to that to the foreigner man here
    And secondly, got some antibiotics that I know, and will help quitting the coughing and the chest pain in 2-3 days.

    Therefore, I was stating NFP Friday...
    In fact, I was watching the news, but didnt have the effect I was searching for to exchange it.
    However, about an hour after there was some opportunities that I didnt pass, though for the above reason, I was restricting myself to slower trading mostly, and just for 1 hour.
    I was lucky to get the most of it, so no second thoughts about closing the charts as the hour came to the finish.

    Started out with EU, and it was slow for my taste, so, for an incoming call was happy enough to bond on the previous part open.
    Looking back to the chart it was right at the verge of turning and probably not the best choice, but I needed to take this call and prefer not to scalp and call exactly the identical moment. It leads just to 'accidents' as drive and drink does.
    Anyhow, it was good for some profits still.

    the rest of the 6 scalp entrances (was a total of 10 now) were less interesting, really, involving GU, GJ(two), GC, EC(two) pairs. all singles.
    The day, considering the shortness of trading period, is a surprisingly strong 0.42%.
    Maybe the antibiotics induced more patience, or just to get a change the market more in favour once again my type of trading. . .either manner, I prefer this way!

    With Easter Monday, the week was shorter, but I am delighted with all the 1.22% gains.
    Just as I said yesterday, retrieval progressing slowly.

    happy weekend!

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    This time no injection to my butt, the physicians always happy to this to the foreigner man here

    Always love reading your things

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    now no injection for my butt, the nurses always happy to to that into the foreigner guy here Always love reading your things
    thanks dude!
    Vow it's always 100% real too! naughty nurses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote ROFL. You and Ryan are just two peas in a pod. Both both maynot exchange CAD pairs, both are lost money for many others and their own and also prop trading. One can be in hiding and another is in denial. You two are comedic relief. LOL 10-15 percent per month replie and that I dont care about pips, they are meaningless is funny shit I have never heard before. Hahaha Glad to be your journals on both. So thank you come again
    You might well
    laugh at each retail traders,
    for yourself.

    Many, including yourself,
    don't dare to demone
    personal P/L statements
    for 'clear' reasons.

    The difference here,
    Profitfarmer and Ryan
    have the courage
    to showcase their trading performance
    for the whole world to see.
    Have you got the courage
    to do the same thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    recovery progressing gradually. happy weekend!
    it's all green virtually history of trades on your TE it's all quite pleasing to look at goes easy on the eyes exactly like trees and the greenery I'm a hippie aka the treehugger

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote it is all green virtually history of trades on your TE it is all very pleasing to look at goes easy on the eyes exactly like trees and the greenery I'm a hippie aka the treehugger
    nah, this year, with this account at least, is at a drawdown.

    Except to use an illuion:
    if you left pocket has a power bill to pay for 50$, and the right pocket a paycheck of 100$. . .do you've got cash in your pocket in equilibrium of this 2?

    It's something like a situation as the bulk of my cash on another account without the specific same trading and drawdown restriction, that didnt lose cash in Febr or even March.

    nevertheless, I am working to cover this gap too, stat seems a lot prettier when green.
    And still am a complete time trader

    happy weekend!

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    I see that your great performance and expertise to trade really well and enjoy of simplicity of your system. Best wishes for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Realistic profit expectations I don't believe this must be a high % amount. Sure enough 100% a month sounds 10% a week sounds fantastic, or great, and moving to 100k. Only I don't see myself doing it consistently. If I want to truly trade for a living that I want a consistent profit. Let's say I am fairly satisfied a month, as that surpasses bank's risk free interest rates handsomely. Of course, profits if consistent, not derived from few trades or 1. The above 2-10% a month imply average 0.1-0.5% a day profit....
    You can only take what the market will give are correct...

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