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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello ProfitFarmer, I figure that you are egorized as a Professional Trader with them, right? I see it's a requirement. Additionally, I started to trade with them, small dwell pro acc for testing function, my current problems with them are trading associated, ... yours are similar or? If you do not mind. Long weekend!
    Hi aa4fx,

    I had a large number of problems at different stages, now, the newest is withdrawal...
    generally things got fixed once a while, but nonetheless issues are annoying if repetitive.
    The final nail was that following recent 2 DD days I contacted the liaison person about the prop account, and . . .yes, and nothing.
    For me, communiion is extremely important. Feedbacks moving is essential.
    Also, the trading price (complete 7$ commission) was not best suiting my scalping style.
    I was going to explore some tiny modifiions to proceed, but like I mentioned, the communiion facet frees there to my liking, and I love to feel familiar with everything I do.
    Of course, if I wish to begin right now, I would likely approach them little differently, but, trading is a constant evolution, the important to understand from the experience, and let that knowledge form the things to come. It isnt that philosophic because it sounds, lol.

    Was I egorized as a pro trader there?
    I cant really answer this, but perhaps yes.
    Afterwards, I cleared the initial point with track document, and got funded.
    I cleared the first 6 months as funded trader, and obtained quadrupled prop alloion.
    And yes, they pay out, and no, I had no fees to pay, or any other cost connected, aside from the regular deposit fees ( by the bank) of my funds on a master account.

    Nevertheless, weighting every choices currently, for now, I decided the best suiting me would be to withdraw from that program.

    I'm keeping the Psy/Axi prop program, actually I will likely add some of my own former Fixi money to my Axi account.
    I'm also in the preliminary phase with a different prop company about trading for them, suppose, even regardless of the current dd, things arent looking poor, least not to a professional level.
    (I believe I may mentioned earlier that I had turned down a russian prop company, cos their supply was generally inferior to any aforementioned).

    I keep repeating: there are opportunities out there. Untrue ones, and plenty too!!
    Not some smoke and mirror just, like pay for a demo account to qualify.

    That the key to open up them: TRACK RECORD!
    And a consistent one. Not only consistent profit, but always keeping the rules. All you may talk will acknowledge that it is not a simple task, and worth.

    I'm by no mean a supertrader, or a professional trader, or a coder with the next holy grail.
    What I attained so far that is open to any trader ( with at least 4 digit capital with a legit broker to make a track record).
    All this can be achieved in 9-12 months.
    I'm the case, and this very journal is the proof.
    The diary, aside from passing my time, always meant to show where things can evolve, and to motivate those who seriously have had enough of chasing the unicorns and other moist dre, and would love to set out to make some money, but have a somewhat restricted capital for going full time in their right at start.
    I am one of those, and when I can, everyone else can.
    I dont have any particular skill or particular system to do, in fact, those who will read between the lines, and also look at the charts, pretty much everything is layed out clear what I do, and why.

    OK, so much about inspirational, but because I am happy of the approaching looong weekend here is something to see and believe for you guys!

    happy trading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Just came by to see how you're doing with all the 2-5 pips grind. You still possess 627 pips to grind. More spread and commission for your brokers. They couldn't be more happier having you as a client. Like it's a wage do you grind? Like wage per hour? With trading, unlike a wage you get rid of money if you're wrong. I hoped you would regain your drawdown by now. But you haven't. Happy grinding! EDIT: you would need a 99-100% gain rate to possess your egy work in the long run. Can you really do it?
    Oh, you about, forgot about you...

    If I were you likely not waste my time to check out such apparent loser's thread such as mine.
    Save yourself your precious time...

    But because you're here,

    This Month -11.1% -627pips
    This Year -8.8% -122pips

    The thing is, I dont take care of pips, they are really meaningless in themselves, unless just a single pair traded, and unless just the exact same lot sizes used.
    Maybe it's something new, although I think I said before here and the thread also pretty clear on some points. . .but then, only for you:
    I exchange numerous pairs and utilize variable lot sizes.
    (not that many variations usually, but the very first entry on any pair are inclined to be a smaller lot entry compared to the following one/s)

    that I am sure the broker is happy, generally, having an active, scalping client with 5 digit account maybe their wet dream, (surely better for them than a 0.01 lot swing trader) Nothing new there, actually. It's a business for everyone.

    What's your minimum wage you're speaking about?
    I dont know whether the idea is new to you, but every country has a different amount, not to mention the couple that doesnt have a minimum wage.
    Yes, I understand that in trading one can lose. Nothing new, I have been there, or there, correct?
    But lets slightly expand on your train of thoughts a bit, and toy around with the thought, that there isn't any job guaranteed to youpersonally, to make that minimum or anything wage.
    As long as you have equity, trading has kind of barriers that the work market that indeed is discriminative old, race, history, etc..
    Not something likely springs to mind of someone like you, with a normal job.
    So, what's your minimum wage scenario at your place?

    (while you think let me give you the local here, where I live: 9 hour workdays, 1 hour lunch break comprised in, the mimimum wage is 10USD. . .that is, approx 1.1USD/hour.)

    Can you think if I would exchange 160 hours, I am in a position to create that? Scalping or differently?
    Can you think when on the thread I tell I trade full time, for a dwelling, I just make 160$ a month normally?
    Can you think I might settle to create minimum wage to encourage my family of 3?
    Can you think minimum wage would allow vaions?
    Really, you want to come thru as a wise person, and I would like to think of you as one. . .but you dont make my job easy.

    And finally, the drawdown.
    I highly doubt you would want me to recover from it, it's a lot better for you I am in it, and that means you can have your childish attacks.
    I had been hoping you would regain your drawdown by now.
    Once more, if you would be here needing me to triumph in what I do, or encouraging me in any way. .
    You would probably read/know that my deadline to new equity high/drawdown retrieval is approx end of April.
    This isnt something new I only came up with now, it's a date that has been there.
    There's a couple of reasons behind also, and to benefit you a little, why not see them?
    There's the plogical, that was about taking a step back, and restart trading with smaller rankings initially. . .getting straight back to the bicycle.
    There's the fiscal, that small break, plus smaller places(originally) equivalent slower (first) retrieval time.
    And there is the economic, that prop trading has both a monthly and total drawdown limit. And I dont want to strike the monthly limit to be out this month. The next month will give more room to navigate once again to me.

    One sees things as they want, other maybe see things otherwise, base on there opinions/take on unique facts.
    I dont exchange only and only the single account attached to TE.
    I am happy ppl has concerns about my wellbeing, if real, but I can only report that I am fine in the present time, and despite the TE account is being down, I didnt have an overall bad month this season, yet.
    While wages, minimum or otherwise differ widely around the world, my lone target to earn a living for my family.
    This earning may be less or more than others think about, which isnt my concern.
    Softly put, I dont give a shit about what others think is enough or not enough to reside.
    I have my income and I have my expenditures, and because the income covers those expenses, and usually a bit more too, I am trading for a living, and that's it.
    For a bonus, I dont have 8 hours changes, and boss to put up with. In fact my hours are both lot more elastic than I ever needed in my full time worker life, also a lot less than I used to put in to make a living.

    The response was overall, like I think it could interest others.
    But there is a personal one also for the end:
    RoundaRousey, if just negative you can create, we both be better off if you performing this someplace else. Dont waste your time here, if only because of reading, and dont waste my time here, because answering you is like work. And outstanding. I need to work on my wage. Like your plogist probably do charge an hourly fee else begin to bill you. Then you would be happier income, a win-win, correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote PS. The answer was overall, like I think others could be interested by it. But there is a private one RoundaRousey, if only negative you can produce, we are better off if you performing that someplace else. Dont waste your time here , if only for particular reading, as replying you is similar to work, and dont waste my time here . And unpaid. I need to work on my wage. As for example an hourly fee is probably charged by your plogist else start to charge you . Then you'd be...
    Bro, I think this is the best place you wrote! I liked very much!

    Come to think about it, maybe there is something good in dumb shortminded lurkers coming here to battle you. . .they sure bring the best out of you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote ... However, there's a private one too for the end: RoundaRousey, if only negative you can create, we both be better off if you doing this somewhere else.

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    I am handling a -1.08% dd since I went live after 5 consecutive winners on demo, so I am definitely seeing where you are coming from and why you are doing things slow.

    For the most part it is not that your method is flawed or you have done something wrong but we as traders sometimes just have to manage them and won't have the ability to avert it entirely. After a dd hits it affects you physiologically you are spot on this, I am dealing with this myself. But deep down you know you hit a bump, I would not be if I had not fought through those lumps where I am. I am learning a lot through this process. And I know you'll be a far efficient trader after this procedure.

    It's the long weekend, I'd rather be working for my min wage and I am certain that you do too ! Oh the unhappy existence of total time traders naysayers are just being jealous

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am handling a -1.08% dd since I went live following 5 consecutive winners on demonion, so I am definitely seeing where you're coming from and why you're taking things slow. For the most part it is not that your way is faulty or you have done something wrong but we as traders sometimes need to deal with them and won't be able to avert it fully. Once a dd strikes it affects you physiologically you're spot on that, I am dealing with that myself. But deep down you know you have only hit a little bulge , I wouldn't be where I am if I hadn't struggled...
    it's a slow advancement, as my hole is larger than 1%.
    But see things not that negative.
    Approx 13 favorable trading days stringed together today, and my standing dimensions are back to the usual too since the past week.
    From next week, the prop relate to this account will be also back to normal, which should help some longer with overall profitability too a little.

    Since I only had a long weekend myself (last week) not very likely to create Easter one also, but if no trading then no trading.
    For me, it really helps a lot that the losses have been countered by some profits on a different account/s, which although on this specific account I am coping with a drawdown, on my overall equity I am having a high. That will help to soften the effects.

    Yesterday this morning generated so far 0.19 percent. . .not much by any means, and the hour impact may not be approved by some, but from my standpoint it has paid for the previous 4 nights in hotel meals I am content with that. But all due to their very own, I suppose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I dont care about pips, they are quite meaningless in themselves, unless only a single pair traded, and unless only the exact same lot sizes used. such as an hourly fee is likely charged by your plogist start to charge you. Then you'd be wealthier income, a win-win, right?
    ROFL. Ryan and you are just two peas in a pod. Both with drawdowns, both cannot trade CAD pairs, both are trading and both money for their own and many others.
    One is in hiding and the other is in denial.

    Both are comedic relief. LOL 10-15 percent per month copy and that I dont care about pips, they are unworthy is really shit that is funny that I have never heard before. Hahaha
    appears to be on both of your journals.
    So thank you
    Please come again

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote ROFL. You and Ryan are just two peas in a pod. Both with drawdowns, both maynot trade CAD pairs, both are both missing money for their own and others and prop trading. One is in hiding and the other is in denial. You two are comedic relief. LOL 10-15% per month copy and I dont care about pips, they are meaningless is really shit I have never heard before. Hahaha Glad to be your journals on both. So thank you come again
    ROLF, anything you smoke/take definitely effects your decision.
    Learn to read.
    Even tough you're not deserve it, you still have an answer about drawdown in the last article for you. (That include about a reference to private equity).
    Not that it matters, but besides the EurCad, the remainder of the CAD pairs has favorable stat on trade success.
    And funny, you emphasize pips, the losing EurCad stat shows 1681 pips.
    Thus, would really the pips count is the holy grail in trading result? Nah, but I have mentioned variable trade dimensionsthis account isn't the normal demo you utilised to see.
    Probably as a result of the morning, and I am grumpier than usually, but I believe now is the time to deal with you properly, and promote you to my first ever fan to be banned.
    You worked hard for it, I just can't dismiss ( pun intended) your attempts!
    Please keep laughing, making your own jokes. We all love you, and also this place is going to be a lot less fun without you!
    It was amazing before it lasted, but every good things come to an end. And I believe I had a lot more patience with you than I should.

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    Sorry all for Your Aforementioned post.
    It's damn early, and up just for some private things.
    But then discovered this additional problem that should!d be dealt with.
    Except to get something from this unworthy market out to all, I promise a post.
    Once properly awake will once again give a article on pips, and how/why that they aren't the holy grail in Currency Market success.
    Probably it had been too long ago, and if one overlooked studying, can't damage some reminder, right?
    Back to bed. Good night!

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    Because there is still an inherent confusion one of noob or wannabe traders when it has to do with pips and profit in trading, and the significance to them to actual traders, I will try to show by a few examples how things actually look and influence one.
    It should give some ideas what one may like to look at selecting a TE or even myfxbook stat its value, or that of the trader behind it.

    To start with, it's wonderful to have positive pip count.
    However, it isnt in any way an accurate measure of how great the trading is.
    Not even when one pair traded.
    Not as long merely one pair traded using just one similar lot dimensions pips get some meaning!!
    But why bother together actually?

    The simple answer is not bother with!!
    Most traders,myself included, commerce multiple instrument.
    Particularly when I was testing out my egy, I wanted to check it out across all of the instrument.
    That, beyond major and small pairs, comprised exotics, indices, commodities also.
    Prop trading made it necessary to remain concentrated on majors and minors, but there will soon be clear the point why it's very good to have a wider evaluation and evidence of egy.

    Lets begin with the current stat, after all, the month is over, and walk down to the specifics....
    Unlike the TE, myfxbook does give a bit better overview when additional withdrawals and deposits contained.
    So this is myfxbook, today: (beginning date March 10, 2017)

    With the current drawdown and all, I dont think that I must feel confident about 115% profit. Got little worried about RR's idiot post, cos while I respecting Ryan ( cubbybgood) because of his videos and willingness, my stat doesnt really resembles his...
    No doubt, I am currently down, as much as -9.48% for the year, but has observed lot more losses by lot more traders...
    Of course, the attacks not stopped there....
    So I decided, for the fun of it, to give a little stat to look at, this is the same account, using a complete perspective:


    as far as I see, there is 2 pairs which lost money in total, from everything? 39 tools!!
    Also, about 3 pairs has negative pips rely tally.

    But this is some thing, that should be the true food for thoughts, and hope that this one line of stat will sink house for all who like to rely pips:

    The picture tells it all.
    The answer is really simple: variable lot sizes!!
    Easy to write, but of course, not that easy to understand, even for so called seasoned ones, such as RR's example has shown.
    PIPS are unworthy in themselves!
    Once I go to buy my own groceries they all care is the money in my pocket!
    And therefore the thing what I and every other full time trader must care! ( even hobby traders, but whatever, they've a commission to fall back also, right?)

    There is also another facet to pips.
    Even when same lot dimensions utilized, between distinct pairs they represent different price.
    Another reason why cant really count them as profit step.
    It's very easy to make 100 pips of UsdMxn, vs. UsdJpy, however, the 100 pips wont represent the same $ value.
    1 pip AudUsd and GbpUsd will also represent different $ value.
    Just render the entire pip count to moot.

    And finally, since it's something which not simple to few...I exchange other account/s than my TE too.
    Actually the majority of my money in the moment on this account, which portion mirror the TE account, part has the liberty to trade without the constraints that the TE account has caused the prop arrangements. (mostly on the drawdown side, per month, and maximum).

    The answer to why my year and month can be negative on the TE account, and claim to be up for the year in general.

    Hope this little presentations helped for those in doubt to understand why it isnt the most important to concentrate on the pips, and why the $ profit is your one and only true step that a trader can take to purchasing in the close of the month!

    As for April, it is going to be hectic at the start, I am moving back to the city to renovate our home there, therefore, it will surely effect trading some. Finally it should add a favorable impact, as I will probably be able to procure a main internet connection for the current price I pay. But moving staff, and setting up things may take the very first week or two...

    March was demoning some progress on digging out of the drawdown, and I intend to continue that work following month.
    Unlike what some might try to paint, things arent at all doom and gloom here.

    happy weekend! ( and happy Easter!))

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