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    picking up pennies) . .scalping can compliment the outcome, and help to pass time waiting to do their movement.
    They are little slower at it, but anticipated to carry them over to tomorrow and seems that is to happen.
    Positive swap, no hard texture.

    Results: profit today, 0.05% on the scalps.
    Position transactions are lingering around BE.

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    the position trade on EJ closed, there's always a disagreement in me too early, but it was opened a little too early to begin with, and it did miss out an adding opportunity pending order by couple of pips, so, take what's given, and move on to the next one.
    EJ additional 0.55 percent into the account.
    Also needed a single GU brief, so smaller one, never got the chance to be something more significant, part because I had 2 pairs with rankings ( EJ UC), and a part of this low drawdown money management would be to has restricted number of installments traded, so get a firmer control of this drawdown.
    GU brief added 0.1 percent into the account, nonetheless. (no pic)

    and that left UC long as receptive trade.
    In 3 hours there'll be some CAD associated news arriving, so, might bring the turn. If not, then a fighting game, swap is positive, running drawdon is 0.4-0.5%. . .plenty space to flip, or build it up , and to go against me and escape out. As a guideline, I am searching approx 0.5-1% equity gain on it.

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    June ends...
    I'm delighted with the outcome, since the attachment shows it's that the 3rd very consistent month yield shrewd.
    Drawdown was during the month in check, myfxbook shows a 2.26% as large, I kind a recall seeing maybe as much as 3.5%...
    left the analytics if someone care, this month was fairly eclectic return.
    However, the outcomes are also evidence that the approach can be effective across a wide range of different assets, there was besides the Foreign Exchange some trades in oil, gasoline, stock indices too.
    While there is no target for July, and I will have a two weeks vaion where trading will be everyday, I sincerely hope to find another positive month to the next too

    happy weekend!

    Ps: the Ucad commerce is open and running, with a minuscule drawdown currently that doesnt influence the total consequence of the month.

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    Initiated a new fund deposit to the account, suppose during the week it would arrive. I will probably be about halfway toward the target account dimensions.
    For trial will incorporate a custom beginning dated (1st July) TE for your own ribbon, therefore, I could see where it is different from myfxbook.

    Main target: the July target will be no more than 8-10% max drawdown. (consistent with previous months)
    profit target is 2-10%, but whatever comes.
    Secondary target: no more losing week.

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    today nearly all of my time was spent taking the vehicle to the ceremony...5 min function, 6 hours driving.

    The position is UCad started to show progress, as well reopened EJ position. Combined a little jogging 'working drawdown' with little swap. They are not immediate concern often, waiting.

    Did manage some scalps, a nice way to compliment the waiting.
    US30 had a double, and missed the simple third entrance chance. such is life.
    Gold and UsdMxn were uneventful both, similar fashion, wont post pic.

    All in all, approx. 0.25% profit from scalps, and also a positive beginning for the month.

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    it's always a fantastic feel to wake up to see a position exchange to hit TP.
    I was hoping that yesterday since the UC place was revealing some turning signals, it may be the one, but rather it had been the EJ brief from previous night.
    Well, just as good, though a lessen size, it's 65 pips, now in the bank. A start of the day.

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    Well, since the dawn a trading day, really.
    Aside from the EJ place, managed a tiny 11 pips scalp on GCad. Together approx 0.3% reserved.

    The UC place is open, and operating, got some added to it too. Currently it is in a 1.3% drawdown.
    Target somewhat reduced, in reflection of further collapse, but still expect no less than a 100 pips recovery, roughly 1.3050
    percent wise, equity profit must be about 0.5-1x risk. . .historically.

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    today trading activity is ching up, some appear to collide precisely to my day jogging now.
    Anyway, there's always another commerce, right?

    Earlier had a UMxn short scalp set, in retrospect it could be better if I remain, but that is wishful thinking only.
    It did reserve however 0.06% to the equity.
    I hear you saying, that is this little amount, why bother? However, I tend to disagree!
    Whilst waiting to get a position trade to come around, or workout, these little innocent scalps may add up a lot, on average 0.05-0.1% each day!
    The quick math says it could be anywhere between 1-2% a month to the balance! And while my balance is not enormous, it's a 100$ account, put it that way I think those scalps can cover this month to get my son's new mobile phone...
    an upgrade on UC place, it's improved some, currently in a drawdown, 0.75%.

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    UC place half closed for taking profit, the remainder is running in -0.35% drawdown.
    Couple more small scalping trades for pleasure, mexican peso largely...

    now total: united with the preceding two, approx 1% closed ( thanks for the UC place trade start to work outside, as planned).
    The week is a little slow, but start to look a lot better

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    Today wasnt feeling well, also no trading, as per rule or even in conditions that are 100 percent. Or 95 percent at

    the sole activity was checking on sometimes the open UC trade.
    The base leg, after yesterday's partial profit taking got re-opened, at a little better entry price.
    The place still in a drawdown, currently it revealing -0.41%.

    Because the re-opened part, the current average price is better than it was, my outlook is still positive about the pair, the swap rate is still positive about the pair, no changes.
    Today's news had little impact on UC, generally both currencies revealing mostly similar power throughout the day, thus little movement, roughly 60 pips range vs. the 10 or20 days median 90 pips...(unless it will take a final jump to the conclusion of the afternoon).

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