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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote um, sorry to state, but that's a dead thread you linked with about zero encouraging truth that the charts were ever traded live; not really pertinent to trading for dwelling. (not that I am really looking for a new egy, anyhow) I am open to go over several things on this particular thread, but just not really see how that egy connects here.
    Post remove accountable for the annoyance


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    Hey stranger,

    long time no conversation and that I hope you had a great break.

    Ok so you are in a bit of drawdown, you#8217;ll pull back from it#8217;m sure - a bit of a blip but while the account goes past previous equity highs (and I#8217;m sure it will) it#8217;ll be merely be healthy pullback in just a longer term uptrend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Really your journal is one of the few I look at. So you had a drawdown. I see that your drawdowns are getting larger and larger according to your chart. This should be increasing alarm bells. You cannot say oh I am up 110% because your following drawdown could be 80%. Your confidence is affected by drawdowns and you start doubting your trading ability. Since you grind small pips it will take you longer and longer to recuperate from drawdowns. The thing I do not like about your trading egy is your avg losses are higher than 10...
    Not sure, by feels looking and reading does not equal your case
    The drawdowns aren't getting larger, I believe there are most likely a couple dozens of references to equity SL from the journal.
    It has a cap, at -10%. No instance of losing day went above that.
    Drawdowns do effect the assurance, nothing new about that, as well as there is a lot reference on the connection between drawdown and recovery disperse across the journal.

    Doubting my trading could be lot more pronounced I guess if I'd listen to anyone or everyone doubting me. You sure not the first.
    There is no perfect trading, and once more, if you'd ever go beyond searching and start to read this journal too, you could not stage one post out where I'd refer to my trading as perfect...
    Together with the good and bad, trading is is, and because I'm engaging some prop fund alloions, I can't much change things, as it would be style drift, that's a no-no, actually.
    Will the things fall apart time will tell. Having some drawdown while is not great, it is not unheard off, nor the end of the world as we know just yet.
    Turn a bit, and you might observe that all losing days were cut earlier -10%, each single one. Not each trader is capable or disciplined to keep to their trading egy for annually ( some can't even for few weeks).

    There is a kind petition, show something better, so, can convert to follow you. I don't feel embarrassed to learn something superior. By of course, I'm not holding my breath for the time being.
    Once it comes to subscribers, it is not up to me who is interested or not what they see.
    I do answer to everyone, here or private, if they compose.
    Even when the feedback or the design is not to my liking. Since you see...
    And lastly, if ever wonder to my own profile site: I do not use IGNORE.

    Happy trading!

    Now that you shared with your opinion, and not much left to say, my proposal, sit back, enjoy what to come. If you see I blow through the account, you are invited to say you see I told you so.
    Aside from that, in the meantime, I dont want reminder yourself or (your self) doubting me, I believe I'm level enough to take care of my own feelings. I have to add to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey stranger, long time no conversation and I hope you had a terrific break. Ok so you're in a little bit of drawdown, you'll pull yourself back from it I'm sure - a small blip but as the account moves beyond preceding equity highs (and I'm convinced it will) it'll be just be healthy pullback within a longer term uptrend.
    Will see going forward, this week it's taking easier, on a few lower risk, and finding out where the prop things standing ( different risk profiles), next week probably getting back gradually to the customary risk.
    It's some work beforehand today for sure, but I am not really under pressure I want to recuperate all loss within days or even deadline is all about end of April, possibly bit longer.
    The visible TE account isn't all of my cash, and in fact I'm not down for the year, contrary to what is visible on this specific account

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi, Will see going ahead, this week it's taking easier, on a few reduced risk, and finding out where the prop things status ( different risk profiles), next week probably getting back gradually to the customary risk. It is some work ahead now for sure, but I am not really under pressure I want to recuperate all loss in days or even deadline is all about end of April, possibly bit longer. The observable TE account isn't all of my money, and actually I am not down for the entire year, contrary to what's observable on this particular account ...
    Okay#8217; you are from the shit a bit. You#8217;ll bring it back man. I know you may, you just came back from a break and overcooked it a bit. I#8217;be been for a couple of years at this game and you are among the very few I # 8217 ;d back.

    You have this.

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    A little upgrade for the conclusion of the week...

    today NFP came and went without trading. Actually the day. Some maybe, or nearly situation but nothing needed to pull the trigger.
    This week has been generally not appropriate for my own style, and as much as I want to work on retrieval, cant induce trade that arent there.
    Hence the recovery effort is going slowly, part because this week trading has been using a reduced risk, so, the few great trades created less gains.
    That said, the week has 0.4 percent profit, slow, however in the right direction

    from the background, my personal account, while also on a reduced risk profile nowadays, clocked a little better gains ( 2 percent), also technically between my accounts lifted my personal total for the month to approx BE.
    There's always some extra pressure trading out from a pit, so, at least due to this that gap feels smaller, and the strain somewhat less, in general terms.

    The machine#2 EA functioning fine, for the moment still on demonion, had a DD struck last week, even although due its setting that it turned out to be a moderate one, and now only bellow its equity high again.
    I feel that eventually almost every matter is sorted on the market, also it appears capable to operate full auto, the sole right time ( and funds) overlooking to place it free on a live account.

    All in all, the week isnt a bad one, even if not a good one, I feel emotionally ready to start to put things back on normal risk, and continue a while to get rid of the current DD....myfxbook says the year is -10.92% in the red on the attached. (it also says the identical year is 34.55% on the personal one, for comparison).

    Will see what the next week brings.
    happy weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    slowly getting into trading my primary account. On gradually I mean in the moment I am using 1/3rd of their risk. It appears to be a fantastic idea. Then it doesnt, once the evening is going smooth as well as this tuned down risk generates 0.2%. Abruptly reduced risk is a chance wasted to acquire a chunk of the drawdown back. But trading isnt a race. Nevertheless trading is a race. Inevitable, some drawdown will be constantly current, luring to strike. The task is to recover to new equity. The sure way to recover is to trade as usual, together with...
    only for pleasure, rarely I create a swing call live ( as I mainly concentrate on scalping for the last months, and for motives cant actually blend the 2 styles).
    Not to replie, the trade call was from the quoted post for those who cares.
    I had marked a chart ( for much better viewing H1, not H4 or D4), together with the approximate time of submitting, the possible move against (closing top) and the current low that very well correspond to the target given.
    The 3 days positive swap could act as a bonus, it was pointed out.

    For the album, I didnt exchange, for the reasons many times said. Style drift which would be held against me. It was just for fun, that approach that can work in scalping can have merit on other timeframes.

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    Middle of week...
    would love to give some update about where things stand, but frankly, not much happening.

    This week, exactly like the last, isn't really acceptable for the trading style.
    It isnt that difficult to admit it, I want wider vertical motions, that in turn result in some decent pullbacks. . .something that lacks the times by large.
    The motions are somewhat slower, and also directional.
    Most pairs does maybe half ADR or less prior to NY opens, traditionally a time when trading tend to be ripe for reversals.
    Now, the best may be to keep on the sidelines for me, most of the time.
    The position sizes adjusted up a notch, toward the full size I used to exchange, but because the conditions arent favorable, I will not be running, and still around 60-70% of the size I use normally.
    With no transactions on Monday, the week currently stand at 0.3%. . .not a major change, however a measure.
    Now the year is significantly less than -10% in the red.
    Gradually, hitting small milestones, it can vanish. Or so I think. ( not only expect).

    happy trading!

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    end of the week.

    Friday went down without investing in the Long Run, likely for the better.
    The market is far from ideal for me personally, and as tempting as for example EurAud looks to brief ( or AudUsd extended) seems like on M5, the move seem to confirm my suspicion and there's little to no pullbacks on the move up, the reversals are extremely shallow to scalp.
    Least for me personally.
    So, half a march gone without really having inviting moves for my style. happens.

    The week itself was then slow too, with no trades whatsoever on Monday and Friday, and several in between, there has not too much influence on the restoration front.
    It is rather a slow grinding at the moment.
    A screenshot of myfxbook stat. All in there about the week.

    happy weekend!

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