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    as many, I have been trading for a while (to create clear, a lot longer than joining that would imply).
    Must be a slow learner?!
    Many things I researched seem to go against several things the gurus teach:
    I use no SL most of the time, but plogical ones, that believe more the total equity defense.
    I use grids, to scale into trades. Ok, nothing fixed dimensions, but still a grid. On the other hand, aim for entrances where possible.
    I may or may not utilize martingale when adding to some position ( yes, winners largely!) Although tend not to utilize martingale.
    I risk a fixed % of equity per transaction, that vary from the setup, and my analysis of it.
    I ignore profit in pips, results counted in $ $$! If the pips green, then it's added and also to my feel.
    I do scalp (also)
    and most importantly maybe
    I dont plan for maximum profits, happy to participate of a move. Re-enter or not afterwards. My priority is handle drawdown, and finally to get a monthly yield that is drawdown.
    That also summarize it up.
    No fixed monthly yield targets, simply to be more positive, and beat the bank's interest rate to compensate for the added risk involved.

    That said,
    my aim to move out of hobby/part time trading toward complete time.
    This phase is all about finding consistency in my results, and about proper capitalization for full time trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote 2 hours for 15km trip, then another 7 hours??!!?? Sounds like traffic in Bali! Went there for our honeymoon this past year, 30km excursion took over 2 hours (but worth it!)
    Been to Bali couple of years ago with family. Spent.
    Bangkok traffic isnt fun. I used to park somewhere still comparative normal traffic and have a cab, sit back, and dont worry about it. Couldnt opt for it this time, needed to send the buddies to the bus station, and I had a meeting with one ( really turned out to be 2 ) guys from Axi.
    I already dread that 2.5 weeks from today I must pick up another buddy from airport to downtown, then out couple of days afterwards. . .must be a reason why people moved from downtown 12 years back!! LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    is doing the grid excursion right now in Trading Journals, so perhaps you wish to have a peek at it? Could you outline in general you do the grid? Wishing you every success in your trip
    hi yonnie!

    Thanks to your well wishes.
    I am mindful of 's thread. To see that he deviated from it quickly. ( silver commerce?)
    The concept that it began with is quite good, grid optimistic swap pair. Maybe I overlooked the edge to begin to grid, but cant recall past the swap.

    I believe I said that I use fixed grid steps, I dont see how one size fit all condition/pair.
    Also because I am trading equally direction on pairs, looking to be outside rather sooner than later.
    And yet another stage, can use different lot sizes as scaling into a trade.

    i use RSI. And visual on support and resistance. And that's about it.
    Will incorporate some chart if there is need for it, although not that much to check out.
    position trades based on H4, scalps on M5.

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    [quote=;11047366]J-f, that is the essence of it!! finding the balance that function for your desire. As long as the daily yield correspond in a positive manner with the DD/SL frequency, trading is going to have a positive expectancy. Today started out rough to me, as my trade copier's website was down,
    Greetings PF, been after with some like ( ) here and there. Great that you are sharing your experience. May I ask what trade copier you are employing is FX Blue on a vps any good? Regards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Occasionally things happen when the least anticipated... Like while still being on vaion ( still). Literally just an hour ago I got a email from Fixi, they add to the alloion... And. . .and. . .wait for this... Effective as of now, the new level is 100x multiplier of my master acct there, and as such the feasibility is worth approx 1.2 million. So, yes, 7 digit, also for real! Overall surprise!! Was expecting a test end of March, with chance to double the prior 250k alloion... Of course, remember the -3.5% max DD limitation doesn't...
    That is great news PF, wish you the best.

    Put on your seat belt

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    Trading account dimensions

    To continue on last post, it's a requirement to have a trading account balance which can generally let me earn a living on above mentioned 2-10% a month.
    It is clear that 200-1000$ balance will not perform the trick, unless I can make 100-500% or more return monthly... That I can't!

    To get a very simple number, let's use 1000$ a month for the amount I want to draw for covering my basic living expenses, to 2000 $ per month to provide a more comfortable life.
    (yes, this amounts different for every individual, but I am not a user, and reside simple).
    The reverse math resides me with 20-100k as desirable account balance. . .where 2% profit on a 100k account can supply already with a cozy living from withdrawals, something equal to 10 percent of a 20k account, what clearly a little more adventurous as profit target, but within doable generally.

    My target account dimensions thus lies between those amounts, state around 30-50k.
    A lots of capital for a few, I added.
    But I've been double my fair share of 100-2000$ accounts in the past, where one shoot for the star, does good for a brief time, then crush.
    All done with high risk, high drawdown, but enjoyable to trade for 3-5-10% earnings. The problem, that they don't last always, or more exactly they did not for myself.
    And to earn a living from trading, it isn't about entertaining, but about what I can withdraw in the end of the month.

    All above refers back to the stage made in first post, and the requirement of capital preservation, and low drawdown, since the account balance required to be at least the same of growing, after allow equal monthly withdrawals for living.

    The task:
    Get my trading account dimensions to the 30-50k level.

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    is performing the grid trip now so you want to take a peek at it?

    Could you summarize in general the way you do the grid?

    Wishing you every success in your trip

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    A few note to self...

    Since some lately added finance, still becoming knowledgeable about the larger account, and in turn with the larger numbers of drawdowns too.
    Best to keep the same way as before, and concentrate more on the drawdown as %age, vs. $$$ number.
    Current EJ trade caught me a bit off guard today, after the last week or 2 being smaller daily range, thus got into some drawdown bit quickly...-2% running.
    No, not the end of the world, as my goal drawdown would be to remain under -10%. . .just abruptly the dollar number seemed somewhat larger than what I used to.
    Until recently, I was trading rarely, as daily 10-11 hours work and rigorous no phone didnt let me a while to linger around.
    That also had advantages, of course, was a bit more patient about waiting for the right setup, and taking my own profits.
    A way to go!
    Now, on the flip side, having more screen time accessible, I could utilize more scalping. Those guys can and do add up in the long run.

    The month will be soon over, and here where at stands currently...
    May or may not some stage create myfxbook or TE public, right now I dont think that is of interest
    Abs. Gain reveals that funds were added to the account, multiple times.
    There were multiple accounts traded side by side, this account doesnt reflect all trading history/track record.

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    this dreadful scalping trade still saved the day.
    Difficult to think, but after being a sucker to begin to market EJ too early for position commerce, on top scaling in tight...
    was able to repeat almost the same with this GU scalping too. ( of course lessen devotion, as this account isnt based on scalping mainly).
    Anyway, EJ bailed out with little loss, few little scalps, and also this GU one ultimately was sufficient to complete the day in green, but in a measly 0.06% green, but can take that any day vs. ending in loss.

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    For position transactions I'm short on EJ and UCad today.
    Right now it seems like both overnight positions, but adjustments can come fast.
    This week is definitely helpless jpy and usd, but strongly believe if not earlier than by next week there should be a change regarding the mean.
    In the meantime, I think both carry positive swap, and using a combined current functioning drawdown of approx. 0.6%, there is not much to be concerned about.

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