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    Good move...

    I believe China is buying j/k however that's a possibility. They'll require resources for their dollar stimulus.

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    They are busy fattening up the sacrifical lamb for New Years' celebrations, I visit.

    Happy New Year to you Shuffl. 2009 is looking great. 6.30am 1/1/09. It's going to be a hoot'n toot'n, tear snorting barrel of fun.

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    Lol Jade...

    Yeah, this thing AUDUSD simply keeps trucking.

    Happy new year!

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    What? No more love for the thread?

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    I love to put an ATR 20 every now and again to take a look at the aud/usd volatility.
    The daily and weekly charts are equally heading down which might mean that the aud could be loosing a few of it is anxiety established trading and getting back to a typical non recesion / collapse market. It's too early to tell of course and a single simple indior is not likely to point to your recovery but I still like the sign it is putting out.

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    Well every pair is ching up to every atr, ema, sma. Whipsawed sideways appears to be the market direction at the moment. I am staying outside until we begin trending again. They state that this is a traders market. They aren't traders are they? Ring traders are having difficulty.

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    1 Attachment(s) I see that a tightening in the next day or so and am awaiting the rest out. It is interesting that almost all of the time the pair has been over the middle of the wedge.
    This might be an indiion of nothing particular.
    When it breaks brief, then I shall wait for it to proceed through resistance at 60 cents. If long, then I shall try and get on as soon as I can and ride it on 84 cents.
    Easy task!

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    I share your view but when it breaks above I think .84 is a long way off, .73 (which is a 50 Percent Fib which it's already bounced off Two) and .77 and .78 is what I will target, will be interesting to see what happens this Tuesday when the RBA Fall rates by another .5 %


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Has not there been a release about a dramatic exports level fall in China? In today's interconnected world, a recession in the West necessarily leads to a fall in demand for imports from the East, which then dictates that adjustments be made to demand levels for raw materials.
    As I mentioned in my first post, I'm thinking long term 10-20 years. Additionally, I said if my view is not true then I have a egy to trade the opposite way too. But because this article a couple of months ago the markets have stoped trending and we are stuck in this god awful range.

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