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    Curious about the 62 MA. Why that amount?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Just Interested in the 62 MA. Why that amount?


    Only a fib amount - 61.8 - earned it from Rob Booker. I used to utilize 40 but this appears to be much better. I havent done any suitable backtesting for certain - just from annotating charts.

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    Anyone want to bet we get a wonderful bounce of both fibo's and preceding s/r?

    It looks good to me, remarks? Pipmon

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    Anyone agree with me this is looks like a nice daily pin bar cutting via a double fibo? Pipmon

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    Nice snare is forming on daily with 50 fib retracement, 25, 62, 150 MAs. Tomorrow if Aussie forms pin candle will it move?

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    Is anybody regularly trading or following this pair? I would like to chat with you concerning trading time, approaches, market reactions to news, etc..


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is anyone regularly trading or following this pair? I'd love to chat with you concerning trading moment, approaches, market reactions to news, etc..


    hi lou, I love to trade this pair. I maintain a close watch on the weekly charts and try to remain with that trend. This pair on the weekly has been range bound for more than a year. About 3 weeks ago I just started playing highs and lows from the weekly channel. Its been fairly reliable for a looong time. jim

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    Thank you Jim,

    the majority of the time I am only able to trade and observe my rankings during the Asian market. I can check to find out if the Aussie has been fairly active in the Asian time frame, but what has been your experience?

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    I like this pair. It is currently in a tiny upward trend towards the R1 @ 0.7502. My opinion: A move through this R1, that is also quite close to the 38.2 fib should take it into the trendline only below R2 @ 0.7528 before a move down after the trend.

    Comments anyone?

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    Nevertheless in it to win it. If it breaks the last high from a few weeks back then another support are the daily 100 ema. The USD was an artificial rally as many funds needed to liquidate and opposite positions. It is time to market the hell out of the dollar again against many currencies. So my egy with A.U is Buy, hold (weeks, months) market. Easy.

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