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Thread: Broker took my $2k back

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    No its not fxcm. I shall share this information next week, since they're still dealing with my query.

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    Nope !

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Jesus Maxey. Did you get back the money from them?

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    In my opinion, egy that may only work at some brokers and can not work entirely on a different broker especially ecn is only exploiting the technical glitch/delay.

    Watch Maxey for example, he only trade at unpopular broker like,,,

    why doesnt he trade at dukas or currenex platform, or MBT ?!? I am sure he's finance to open dukas/any currenex account. . Or perhaps his tapping can not be carried out in ecn ?

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    Ok, I take this. But if brokers has technical glitches its up to them to fix them. They're judge, jury and executioner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Ok, I take this. However, if brokers has glitches up its up to them to fix them. They're jury, judge and executioner.
    If the technical glitch is using Metatrader 4, all of the broker can do is report it to Metaquotes, and wait forever for them to get around fixing the exploit.

    In the meantime, any noob with an autoclick script may try to take advantage of the defects, followed by them crying scam on forums when they're caught.

    Any broker that voids illicit profits made by cheating on the system is well within it's rights to do so, especially when that cheating causes great losses for the company. So long as the broker doesn't steal the first capital as well as voiding the profits, then all you(the autoclick noob) can do is proceed to the upcoming new broker who hasn't discovered the defects nonetheless, and trade with them until they too ch you.

    Honestly, why bother with autoclick? It causes pain as soon as your profits get voided. Learn how to trade like a real trader .

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    Oakmonster, are you a broker per chance?

    I disagree they should have the ability to emptiness profits. As, with newstrading its not 100%. Therefore, anyone who exchanged Aud CPI in Oct 07, or NFP in Sept/Oct 06, knows the transaction can go south very quickly. In those situations, I am not going to ask the broker to get a refund due to me.

    If I would have dropped $2k, I am 100% certain they would have kept it.

    Newstrading comes from the brokers bottom line, since they never market, like they assert. Zero sum game.

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    I have received a response (not favourable) so I'll complain to Financial Ombudsman.

    I gave them the benefit of the doubt to compromise the order, but will name them now.

    The Scam broker is: London Capital Group:

    They have Tradefair, Worldspreads, Capitalspreads, Capital forex, Capital forex expert, Paddypower. All of whitelabels for LCG.

    So perhaps only UK traders have used them, through a spreadbetting vehicle. But they are scam store.

    You can read about them here:

    Without doubt there'll be additional neg comments to follow.

    Even after winning some swing transactions, I was set on manual execution. For some time I might click an order, during a slow market, it might get rejected, even though the price hadnt moved whatsoever. They always gave me the response that their tech dept were working on it. Even though, I tried them on various computers. My friends ac worked fine. This is when I knew my ac was flagged, and they flicked a change to give me poor execution and fills.

    In summary, if they've has happened to anyone else with this particular broker, I might complain to the Financial Ombudsmen, a regulator who's too mindful of these.

    Prevent this broker in any way prices!!!

    If you need information on spreadbetting companies just PM me.

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    Looks like they had poor reviews from the beginning. I would not ever put real money into a company like that anyhow.

    Good luck trying to receive your $ back but I fear it's going to be a losing struggle.

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    There are loads of ways to eliminate money in FX. The last thing a trader wishes to worry about is Counterparty risk!

    Stay away from these scammers.

    There are lots of good brokers out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    They own Tradefair, Worldspreads, Capitalspreads, Capital Currency Market, Capital Currency Market specialist, Paddypower. All of whitelabels for LCG.
    You may want to check on this but I do not think London Capital Group possesses Worldspreads. In my advice, Worldspreads really are a firm.

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