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    Just wonder which brokers you men have undergone very nice customer services?

    I am from SG and up to Now, I have been with a few brokers.

    I'd say ODL does not give really good response (possibly my acct dimension was small?) But City Index Asia has service.

    I believe execution is important but the support do make you feel much better

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    Hmmm. Thanks for posting this. I'm thinking of going openning an ODL account together with the minimum US$2000 requirement. What was bad about this service?

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    If u are in sg u can visit mfglobal singapore, I believe it is a good broker...
    good at least for me they are pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hmmm. Thank you for posting this. I am considering going openning an ODL account together with the minimal US$2000 requirement. What was bad about this ceremony?
    My experience with them was that they would take forever to respond to any mails. I've never experienced once when they would answer my email about 1st posting. I would always need to re-send the identical mail to different men until they answer. I actually feel very stupid and unimportant, and the way they answer makes me feel as though I am just asking the clear.

    Should you dont re-send your mail, many prob you don't receive an answer.

    Well that's my exp with them because I joined jul 07.

    Withdrawal is quickly but they never actually verify nor confirm it. You send them a email and then no replies and nothing but the money gets to your account in 2 days thou.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    if u are in sg u can visit mfglobal singapore, I think it is a good broker...
    good at least for me they're pretty great.
    Hey tiger, been to its site but could not find information on the spreads.
    Mind sharing what's fine for its customer service up to now for you?

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    I've been trading Forex for two or three years now and before that stocks since 1995.

    That I have found that customer service in general is in proportion to how much in resources I hold with a specified firm. This report goes somewhat beyond #8220;customer service#8221; but also assesses what's in it for FX organizations to service the customer. Caveat Emptor

    My initial broker was Merrill Lynch from 1995 to 1996. It was old school. Everything by phone. I would get the occasional call for a transaction, but that I was tech savvy, from Seattle, and in my early 20's (I remember the WELL starting out when I was in middle school). I made some great bets, what computer/finance geek would make a wrong selection in those halcyon days. My broker would call me to chat and invite me to events generally inhabited by rotarians, masons and other men and women who appreciated golf way too much. I think he enjoyed my picks ;--RRB-.

    I transferred abroad and then opened an account with an internet securities broker loed in the US. Wow! For the very first time I was in complete control ;=-RRB-. Customer service, who desires#8217;em! It was just me, Hoovers and Yahoo Stock Forums, along with my dual line ISDN contrary to the financial world. Pump and dumps, IPO#8217;s it was quite ridiculous period to be in the markets, such as today, but different. People believed they knew the market then, today we have forces occurring where even the continuous captains of finance are somewhat white in the knuckles.

    Currently I use three brokers. My initial two accounts would be for busy trading. I have a small account with one because I like there data feeds and I use these as a checksum against my bigger account. My third account is a nest egg account that has an integral account manager who knows my financial goals with #8220;the farm#8221;.

    My very first account includes a low 5 figure amount in it. When and if I do receive a call from a sales partner or account manager it's always a junior individual who is clearly trying to take an order or push a product for one of the transaction desks.

    My second active account I'm contacted by key account managers and from time to time personal riches mangers. These folks often act as portfolio managers and that I can tell from their nuances while they may be still trying to pump something great, bad, or indifferent my way at least they try to with the utmost sincerity convey they have my best interests in mind.

    In other words, they are a better type of salesman selling the very same products. Although, lately I was contacted by a portfolio manager from the firm where the beef sounds as good as the sizzle he was promoting, at least in my thoughts. Consequently, they have either changed their customer relations egy or more likely that I just got a call from a salesperson that believes as a trader who believes as a portfolio manager whom will go far from the business because he will create his organization and most of his customer8217;s money.

    My third account. The nest egg, is handled by a gentleman that has been in banking for centuries. I think his family invented money. His time is valuable but his juniors treat my money well.

    Since the expression goes. We get what we cover. A mini account is similar to going to a used car lot. When I started an FX brokerage I would not want to waste my time with anybody under 50,000 dollars. In my business I have found that the most troublesome customers to deal with are people with the least quantity of money and/or experience. For instance, for somebody who has never completed a trade before who is also risking a large portion of their disposable income they will naturally be stressed and this contributes to question after question. An experienced and wealthier customer generally knows the risks or at least has accepted the risks from a really rational point of view and are a lot easier to conduct business with. FX companies know this as well and just offer you the mini accounts in order that they could have something to counterparty trade against and make some extra earnings.

    I think a lot of individuals are expecting investment markets and FX in particular as a get rich quick scheme. That's why the majority of retail FX traders shed. I think if anybody enters investments as a consumer (as opposed to somebody in the industry) and believes they will get rich fast, I beg them to reconsider for their own net worth#8217;s sake.

    I found an interesting article on the way the world#8217;s millionaires became the way:

    Business / business sales - 37 percent
    Wage income - 24%
    Inheritances - 18 percent
    Investments - 10 percent
    Restricted stocks/stock alternatives - 9 percent
    Other - 2%t

    Statistically, your chances are better acquiring wealth by opening a business or working your way up the corporate ladder. If you're young or poor or both and all you can afford is a mini account I would suggest your better shot t wealth would be getting a job in the FX business, studying the insider tricks to offer you the advantage, and then trade other folks#8217;s money before you trade your own. A little know fact is, several professional traders are delighted to trade other people#8217;s money all day, but do not trade their own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If you are poor or young or both and all you can manage is a mini account I'd suggest your better chance t riches would be getting work in the FX business, learning the insider tricks to give you the advantage, and then exchange other people's money before you exchange your own.
    Or, if he/she makes the decision to go on with mini account, stop complaining about customer services. As long as the broker treat you fair (no distinctive spike at which no additional brokers have it, not playing with your order, something like this), and you'll be able to withdraw your money right away, then use them.

    After all, the main thing in this business is our trades. In case you haven't earn a cent from your account, why worrying about client service in the first place? You deposit your money to exchange them, not to buy service from client service division.

    For you who cry out that customer service is also important, than grow your account up to 7 numbers. Then you are going to find the good customer service you want. As if you not like this, and the hell if it is fair or not, money is still King.

    And Krigere. Thank you for this info. I truly do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey tigerwas to its website but couldn't find information on the spreads.
    Mind sharing what's nice because of its customer support up to now for you?

    disperse is lively mostly 1-2 for major. .
    The customer support is not a pro-active but constantly available when I need it. . U can call their 24h phone number in sg I think...

    (well I just need cs during launching account, depo/wd, and if any problem occurred...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Brokers with fantastic customer support
    Just wonder which brokers you men have undergone very wonderful customer service?

    I'm from SG and Thus Far, I've been using a few brokers.

    I would say ODL does not give really great reply (possibly my acct dimension was little?) But City Index Asia has service.

    I believe execution is significant but the support do allow you to feel better
    for past two decades that I used CMC Markets and started with very little cash, customer support was and still is excelent. Consider calling few different brokers and most likely you'll be able to decide on your own.

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    Some older school IBs have taken some serious hits recently. I understand a few insiders, and most of them are, well, maybe nervous, well apprehensive.

    At the same stage it had been a given that you could trust a IB as they had been the gold standard. I dont know whether that is any longer true.

    Therefore, I'd only put my cash with institutions that either bond the cash or guarantee it through a very stable underwriter.

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