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Thread: Has FXCM brought back manual trading?

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    A working desk is always there. Someone told me that at fxcm they've a big screen of all the profitable traders and they have a tendency to watch those accounts more closely. If you're getting the manual trader message, then it ought to be a badge of honour :--RRB-

    still looking for a broker. I believe I could do interactivebroker.com

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    If that's the case this has to be exposed to the public how do they f***ing do that. That is complete BS.

    Maybe they have a display of profitable traders so they know who not to trade against.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    if that is the case this has to be subjected to the public how do they f***ing do that. That is absolute BS.

    Perhaps they have a display of profitable traders so they know who not to trade against.
    You think right. All marketmakers track the traders to find out who's profitable. In addition they make their policy very open and clear to everybody that they trade contrary to their clients. They make it clear that they may not trade them against constantly but it is their discretion to choose who to trade against.There is no hiding this actuality. Honestly if a trader is profitable it should not matter to him whether he trades using a market maker or an ECN.

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    Yeah the problem is when they start messing with the platform and u can not shut the trade that is a issue.

    As long as that does not occur everything else is nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    a person explained in fxcm they have a huge screen of all the profitable traders and they tend to see those accounts carefully.
    WTF? That's crazy if authentic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    WTF? That's crazy if true.
    It is not unexpected though if their transactions are not really put to market, but stay in house. Consider it. If all transactions remain in house, the profitable ones hurt the bottom line directly?

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    Thats exactly what I was thinking if those people today start messing with the platform when my trades are profitable I'm dropping them and I am gonna make a video and trash em on each public forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    That error happens if the dealing desk is overloaded at the moment. They need a new server?
    This is totally BS!

    A Forex Trading Server Is Only a database software.
    A diminished Core Duo 2.00GHZ server can perform at least 10,000 orders another easily. I doubt you will find so much orders being processed at any given time at FXCM. And why would someone be put in Manual Execution in an age of computerization? Dont give me the BS coz man is more accurate than computer crap. This is BS! Humans have very high error rate while computer is 1 error in thousands of hours. Hmm maybe that's why they wish to go manual. Humans error such this, you get erroneous entrance and exits!

    Manual Dealing Desk is a method for brokers to Make Sure YOU DONT GET THE BEST PRICE! Just profitable traders are put in manual implementation while the losers still remain in automation. Rationale: screw and they need to intervene the winers in anything they do.

    It's a easy and proven plogical egy perfected by casinos: if you are winning, then alter the traders and slightly introduce some ire/distraction to the winning players.

    I would move to a different broker if I were you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    are u serious? That isn't sounding good. Is that on fxcm or even fxcm ?

    Also was the commerce in profit?
    Well, I've an account with FXCM, this sounds horrible, well if that is the case that I still didn't face yet, which means that your question could be is that on unnatural FXCM or FXCM micro-bus?
    FXCM loves to tease their clients by new ridiculous options and ideas.
    The issue is that I'm utilized to their platform, better than several brokers, although less options.

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    I think they have rectified the issue. I'd have found a different broker. I think the problem came about when I was switched by them to account.

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