Experiment: $100 to $1,000,000 USD in 155 Steps
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Thread: Experiment: $100 to $1,000,000 USD in 155 Steps

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    Experiment: $100.00 to $1,000,000.00 USD in 155 Steps

    Hello, and welcome to my thread. This board will sponsor an experiment I'll be running that a number of you might have a fantastic laugh at. I will try to bring an FX Solutions account balance in the mere $100.00 ($119.25 approx.) To $1,000,000.00 inside a 155 measure system. Steps could be considered market days, however some measures may span out. Therefore, if the ordinary step is 1.5 days, this experiment will be completed in under one year's period. I shall update this thread. Posts will consist of losses, or measures done.

    How can this be accomplished?
    </b>As the account's owner, I'll try to profit 24 pips/day of the EUR/USD pair. As the equilibrium increases, so will the percentage of my invested lot values. I won't say a lot about what kind of system I'm using, or what kind of security measures I'm taking to prevent reduction. 90% of this will involve good conclusion and I will manage my efforts one day at a time. I will monitor my charts heavily and see MNI EURO-DOLLAR EURO TECH reports. I advance onto another should I succeed in finishing one measure. If I take a reduction, I cut into a preceding measure dependent on the amount of the reduction.

    </b>Lot size: 1 = 1,000
    Leverage: 400/1 (to keep the usable margin high)
    Pips/day tried: 24
    Pip value range (PVR): 400 (a number I have come up with to determine the percentage of the equilibrium which will be used in lot sizes)
    Lot size percentage: 6.8 - 8.03 percent of equilibrium depending on rounded value.
    Balance growth per measure: About 6 percent

    in case you don't feel like doing the math, then here are some examples of where the account balance must be at various actions and their traded worth per pip:
    10: $212.85 ($0.50/pip)
    25: $512.85 ($1.20/ $pip)
    50: $2,200.05 ($5.20/pip)
    75: $9,450.45 ($22.30/pip)
    100: $40,542.45 ($95.60/pip)
    125: $174,004.05 ($410.40/pip)
    155: $999,383.25 ($2,357.00/pip)

    Additional FAQs:
    </b>400/1 leverage, are you nuts? : Most folks will argue this is a bad approach, and I'd agree. But for this particular experiment I want to keep the usable margin as high as you can.
    How many complete pips will you have to get through the 155 measures? : 155 * 24 = 3720 pips. I expect this amount could be a lot higher because of missing profit and ch-up.
    Do you think this will do the job? : As long as the mathematics is supportive, it is possible.
    When do you feel you'll finish the 155 measures? I'd suppose Feb of 2007.
    What are you going to do if you finish the 155 measures? : Continue the experiment onto measure 195 ( $10,000,000)
    What do I have to lose? : just $100.00!
    Without further delay, lets begin!

    - Bob


    STEP 1: COMPLETED (5/25/06):
    3,000 B 1.2785 - S 1.2788 = 3 pips
    3,000 B 1.2767 - S 1.2788 = 21 pips
    Comments: Low action now. It was difficult to make a judgement concerning the direction. I made a decision to buy in accore with last week's support levels being today's current price.

    Profit: $7.20 (0.30/ /pip)
    Previous account balance: $119.25
    New account balance: $126.45

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    I support you, and expect you'll success on your own way!
    That's a fantastic idea!

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    Sorry dude, but it might be better if you find in ADVANCE or throughout the trade what you intend to trade!

    I mean, come on. . How do you expect to be beleaved in case you post what you traded, although no offence, you might be ligit? You have to know?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Sorry dude, but it may be better if you post in ADVANCE or throughout the transaction what you intend to trade!

    I mean, come on. . No offence, you may be ligit, however how do you expect to be beleaved in case you post later what you traded? You have to understand?


    Even when I wanted to place anything in ADVANCE I had to Await the moderator to approve my account.

    That aside, I don't intend on observing what I intend to do before I do it. I'm going to go for it, not come back here and tell you what I am likely to do, if I see a movement. I had no idea what I was going to do. There was not any sign of what EUR/USD would perform. Dealers would agree to this.

    I shall continue to post following a measure has been completed, or I have taken a loss to a previous step.



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    Man what is it with everybody wanted this journal department to be an alarm service ... no danger either ... but it is named Journal Factory for a reason . . It's a journal ... not a prediction place.

    FCX Investments, keep this up, I watch your progress with curiosity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Man what is it with everyone wanted this journal section to be an alarm service ... no offence ... but it is termed Journal Factory for a reason . . It's a journal ... not a forecast place.

    Investments, keep it up, I see your progress with interest.
    Hi Akuma99,

    Thank you for the support. Was not certain if I went to have bashed right off the plank or not. For entertainment purposes, this thread could be seen in the very least.

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    I wish you all the very best!!!

    I will be looking on with curiosity, also!

    Good Luck


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    Good luck Bob. The people that do celebration on you, won't do it considerably. This forum is not like that.

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    I apologise. It's just with of the colors and the title etc, warning lights moved up within me. However, while accuma and renasdad etc do not have that, I need to be in error. .

    Guess I overreacted. So: and best of luck.


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    Good luck man, I expect that you can do it...

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