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    I've had a mini account with GFT for a couple of months now and overall it has been a positive experience. But only today (as in a couple of minutes ago) I logged in to do some closed market analysis and the majority of the indiors I use are not on my charts any more and the choice to place them back on is not available. I am not speaking anything too fancy, I am speaking about MACD and ema's. Of course, it's mid afternoon on a Sunday so there tech support isn't available, but I am curious to see whether any one else ever has experienced this with GFT?

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    Hi Cope,

    Yup, same problem here. My guess is that they are having appliions problems coming from this last upgrade. Until tech support comes online it is probably best to shut down and try shredding in one hour.

    I am sure they are aware of it but just incase go ahead and drop them a quick email in the website in order that they have a log of it.

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    My charts have no indictors either. . .and they have Saturday. I have been using them for charting only for a couple of years and have never seen thiis before...

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    Really I just logged in and I am up and running with full capabilities. I also reverted back to model 2.8.918.10 since my charts were somewhat awesome.

    Up and running on the old version.

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    Thank you for all the answers, I'd also find on their website that the system is listed too unstable, and was since Friday after closure. Maybe they're working on some thing.

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    I simply called GFT in their charts and they explained, they disabled things over the weekend on everyone's charts. Mine was allowed by him and I had to relogin. The guy also stated, that they ought to be prepared in about an hour or so, but you know how that goes. You can call them to find the indiors allowed for you.

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    Well, it seems the indiors return, but I must start from scratch setting up my charts, even though the profile was initially saved. I'm not real happy with this.

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    News has been out since Friday for me.
    No issue with indiors though.
    Need to correct this.
    Some indiors have vanished from charts.
    Had it saved on chart templates though which were there.
    Do not really use GFT charts for analysis , therefore that I didn't notice initially.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    News has been out since Friday for me.
    No problem with indiors though.
    I'll need to check that when I get home. I don't rely on these for my news so that I actually never pay attention to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Actually I just logged back in and I am up and running with full capabilities. Additionally, I reverted back to model 2.8.918.10 since my charts were somewhat awesome.

    Up and running the older version.
    How can you revert back to a previous edition?

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