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Thread: Special request: Can someone make a Cornflower EA for us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Postrock, thank you so much for offering your help. Yes, I will give a short explanation. However, before I do, allow me to ask a few questions so I know what is and what is not possible in the making of the EA.

    1. Can the EA be made so I can change timeframes whenever I need? For example, one day I may want to trade over the 1 hr interval, and then the next day I may decide to use another interval, like the 5 mn timeframe. In other words, I prefer to not have it stuck on a single timeframe all the time.

    2. Can the EA be made with these 3 configurations:...
    not that I'm volunteering with this system. I'm just answering your questions from a developer perspective.

    1. Most if not all EAs works on the candles of the timeframe its connected to. That means they're usually interval independent unless stated differently. Its really easier to code a time flexi EA than one that is fixated on a particular timeframe.

    2. You do not need the EA's code to handle this. You're able to set it at the frequent tab when you attach ANY EA.

    3. StopLoss and TakeProfit are only first inputs among the configurations of the majority of EA. It's possible to just change these preferences while attaching the EA or change them after a transaction has opened. Purely up to you.

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    1. Yes
    2. Option already within Metatrader itself
    3. Yes

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    Ok, Postrock, here's the explanation of this machine:

    All these would be the ema#8217;s best to use, along with the color of each ema:

    8 EMA (yellow, dotted)
    12 EMA (purple)
    24 EMA (cornflower blue, hence the title)
    72 EMA (khaki)

    For the transaction set-up, the ema#8217;s need to be stacked in that specific order (The 8 ema is going to be the ema that is closest to the candles, then the 12 ema, 24 ema, along with 72 ema continue).

    After all of the ema#8217;s are in that specific order, then the entrance happens when the candle (price) rolls the 12 ema.

    If you can, have the all the ema#8217;s sloping (within an angle) before an entry is created. The angle needs to be at least a 20% angle. But if an angle cannot be created for the EA, then ignore this component and don#8217;t even fret about making an angle.

    Because we can set our own stops and take profits then is what we can do. This means that you don#8217;t even need to plan the EA to choose an specific specific stop or or exact specific goal.

    If you want to see a chart posted to find out what the entire set-up resembles, visit the Cornflower Hourly System thread: https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...form-saxo.html

    On that thread you will observe lots of charts posted for extended trades AND short trades. You may see exactly what a Cornflower trade set-up resembles.

    I hope I explained it well. If you have any queries then please ask. Thanks again for you help.


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    this is my first attempt at coding the system you clarified. . .for currently I didnt think about the angle thing were saying. .

    That I backtested the EA and it appears to work.

    These are the factors it is possible to change from the input (or whatever its called in english):

    stoploss = insert quantity of pips
    goal = insert quantity of pips
    interval = insert moments. . .example if u want to try about 4 hour candles you may insert a value of 240. .
    Lots = amount of lots
    candle insert what pub u want the EMA to use as the previous value..example for last candle you may insert a value of 0 to the last closed 1 and to those before 2-3-4-5 and so on.
    Ema_trigger = insert the length of the EMA you want to use since the trigger..default is 12 as you said, but if u want u can test with other EMA intervals...

    The EA doesn't report errors..so make certain that you do things properly, dont use micro lots if broker doesnt support them and therefore on..also I dont see how in hell this EA could cause any damage to anyone BUT KEEP IN MIND THAT IM A NEWBISH CODER AND I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOUR PC/HOUSE/CAT/BANK ACCOUNT (OR WHATEVER ELSE) EXPLODES OR CAUSES any sort OF PROBLEM DURING THE USE OF THIS EA.

    Please report any error or question. .

    EDIT: Fixed small error in the trigger factor

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    Thank you a Lot for Creating the EA! I truly appreciate you with your time and effort in creating this EA. I've submitted the EA from the Cornflower thread and gave you charge there for creating it.

    Of course, regardless of how the EA performs - or what it does - I shall have no complaints because you've been nice enough to create it at no cost. If it turns out for a beneficial EA, then you will have helped many people from the Cornflower thread. If it does not work out, then we would have given it a go.

    I've 2 questions:

    1. You said in your previous message that you did not make it with all the ema's in an angle. I'd edited in that request later after I made my original post, so maybe that's the reason why you did not see it. Anyhow, my question is... Could you make it so the ema's will possess a 20 degree angle if a transaction activates? I really don't know whether you can do it, but in the event that you can then it would make it better. If you cannot, then that's okay.

    2. Concerning the input menu box, where it states candle, you stated... insert what pub u need the EMA to use as the last value example for final candle you'll add a value of 0 for the past closed 1 and also for those before 2-3-4-5 etc. I feel a little dumb for asking this, but what is a value? What does it do and what does it mean to a candle? What is the purpose of it? Is there? I am only a little confused about what a value is and the purpose of it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    2. Concerning the input box, in which it states candle, you stated... insert what bar u need the EMA to utilize as the previous value example for last candle you will add a value of 0 for the last shut 1 and for those before 2-3-4-5 and so on. I feel a little dumb for asking this, but what is a worth? What does it do and what does it mean to some candle? What is its purpose? Is there a value number you recommend? I'm just a bit confused about what a value is and the purpose of this.

    As it calculates the EMA what is the previous value you would like used for your own EMA calculation? 0=current candle worth, 1=last closed candle, two = (this many closed candles back will probably be the last value used)
    Postrock I jumped in and replied for you - When I'm wrong please fix (and my apologies)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So how does this work? I only backtested it after completing the code..was searching for some comments on how it goes on ahead testing and on different brokers.

    PS. I guess I could make the angle thing you ask. . .but I have no will correct now. Maybe next week if so I feel. .
    Hi Postrock,

    This is my experience with the Cornflower EA so far:

    I set the Cornflower EA on my demo account Interbank platform and I also put it on my demo account Alpari UK platform. I completed this about one hour before the end of the markets on Friday. I'm trading 10 currencies on each and every broker. I'd both the Interbank and Alpari settings on the 1 minute chart. I abandoned the candle worth setting at 0 since I'm still not sure what a candle worth is or what it is suppose to be for. Anyhow here is what occurred as much as the current point :

    * Throughout that final hour of trading Friday, My Interbank trading account created 3 trades (created on the 1 minute chart). My Alpari trading account created no trades.

    * I've had equally trading accounts running because the market opened on Sunday. I made a decision to exchange one account an a 1 hr interval along with the other account on a 5 min interval. So, I switched the time on the Interbank account from 1 minute interval to a 1 hr timeframe. I then switched the Alpari account from its 1 minute interval to a 5 minute timetrame. I'm trading 10 currencies on each and every account.

    * Since yesterday's launching of this market, to this point the demo Interbank account (trading on the 1 hr TF) has made 6 trades. However, for some reason, the EA has missed several trades which it ought to have entered.

    * The demo Alpari account, because yesterday's Currency Market market available, hasn't yet made a transaction. It's trading about the 5 minute chart and has had many opportunites to get a transaction. However, for some reason it's not made any trades.

    Both the Alpari and Interbank each have the smiling face of this EA at the top right corner of the charts, which I guess is assume to imply it is working fine. However, the Alpari account (using 5 mn chart) hasn't made any trades and the Interbank account (using 1 hr chart) has missed several (maybe even many) trades.

    Can you think problem might be the candle worth setting? I have no idea what a candle worth is suppose to be for, and that is the reason why I currently have it set on 0. Someone on this thread said it had been to the purpose of letting us choose the previous value for use to get an EMA calculation. What the heck does that imply?? What is a value? And how does this affect a transaction? (or even a candle?)) . Pardon me for not understanding, but I have no idea about this worth thing or how it impacts a candle or a transaction.

    Anyhow, if anyone has any suggestions as far as what I might do wrong (particularly with the Alpari 5 minute charts, which has to make a transaction) then please post your thoughts.


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    Please post the EA configurations you use on Alpari. (Funny that it doesnt work there...I wrote it about the Alpari platform..lol)

    . . .aaannd. .did I read correctly? You asked me what's a worth?
    Can you really not know what a value is? If that's true then you also don't have any notion about exactly what a Moving Average is.
    So you're playing with things you dont know? You are aware this is the recipe for disaster right?

    Do your research (http://www.google.com) and examine again fulltime's good explanation.

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    Ok, here are the settings I use all 10 pairs on Alpari:

    The Inputs tab onto your EA settings box

    stop reduction: 15
    target: 30
    interval: 5
    lots: 0.1
    candle: 0
    EMA_trigger: 12

    The frequent Tab on the EA settings box

    places: Long Short is where I have it place.
    Enabled alerts: I put a check-mark in the box
    Permit live trading: I put a check-mark at the box
    Permit DLL Imports: I put a check-mark in the box
    Permit imports of external exports: I put a check-mark at the box
    (all the other boxes I've left empty)

    It now sounds my Interbank account (I am using 1 hr charts there) has completely stopped making transactions. It'd made 6 transactions since yesterday, but the last 14 hrs it has not made any transactions. I counted at least seven occasions (possibly more) that it should have made a trade during the last 14 hrs (of the joint 10 currencies). The Interbank account is set up just as the Alpari account. The only difference is I am using the 8 ema instead of the 12 ema.

    As for the worth thing, yes I know it's to do with mathematics. And yes I do know what an EMA is. But I been in forex for 4 yrs (since early 2005) and that I don't recall anyone using the term worth in forex. It certainly isn't something which is talked about all of the time. If I place the value in 1, does this mean if the previous candle closes at (for example) 1.3750 and the ema at the time is 1.3720, then does this imply the trade won't trigger until the price comes back into 1.3720?

    Anyhow, I am not concerned about the value so much. I assume 0 should work good enough. I am more concerned with obtaining the EA to do the job. Maybe it's my computer. Hopefully other individuals in the Cornflower thread will try out your EA and post if it works for them. .


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    I see a very simple error on either side for the time being. I didnt correctly clarify myself as I said add pips rather than add points.

    You've put a stop loss of 15 (points) and a target of 30 (points). .in Alpari that setting equals a Stop of 1.5 pips plus a target of 3 pips because they utilize 0.00001 price worth...I dont know about Interbank's but only try to put the correct number of points in the SL and TP then inform me if it works correctly.

    ANY NUMBER is a worth, you were in Forex for 4 years and you think you dont use numbers in forex?
    Or you just didnt have the will to seek an internet dictionary to see the word's significance?

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