Special request: Can someone make a Cornflower EA for us?
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Thread: Special request: Can someone make a Cornflower EA for us?

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    There are many on the Cornflower Hourly System thread from the Trading Systems section (https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...form-saxo.html) that might like an EA made for this system. I've been told by someone in the know it's a easy EA to create. Can someone here please create the EA for us?

    The very first post from the Cornflower thread explains everything. It's a very easy system between several moving averages. I would be very appreciative if someone could help us out.


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    How does this work? I only backtested it after finishing the code..was searching for some feedback on how it goes on forward testing and on various brokers.

    PS. I guess I could make the angle item you ask. . .but I have no will now. Maybe next week if I sense. .

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    Can this In the understand individual a developer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can this In the know person a developer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is this In the know person a developer?
    It's a person here at forexintuitive who said he knows how to create EA's. Some time back he had said he was planning to make an EA for the Cornflower System, but he never got around to doing it.

    I would present his username, but that I really don't want to put him on the spot and sound as if I am complaining at all.


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    I do not mean to be insulting but I've found with many straightforward projects that the devil is in the details...
    It starts out simple but once you get into it , the hidden complexities slowly reveal themselves.

    I haven't had a peek at the cornflower system Im only talking in general terms.

    Hope you find somebody willing to do it for free.

    If not, there are a number of good coders here atforexintuitivethat might be interested in coding it for a fee.

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    Cornflower is a really NICE crossing MA system. Of course the entrances are simple to program (Input when MA's cross) - you will be late on entry but...

    The Devilish detail would be your departure. If you wait until the MA's cross you'll get wiped out on small/medium crosses and anyone that knows how to escape earlier (its potential) will not discuss the secret. (Since 90 percent of progr are basically MA's or depend on indiors which are basically MA's its comprehensible.)

    It is a wonderful manual system however.

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    I'm willing to attempt to code this thing IF you please research in 3-4 SHORT sentences everything I should learn more about the system. I have given a peek at the post u connected but its own wordy and already have to read lots of things within this period, and english isn't my language.

    Also dont expect professional programming..but I will give it a try if no better proggy is performing this. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If you wait till the MA's cross again you'll get wiped out on small/medium crosses and anyone that knows how to get out sooner (its potential) won't share the secret....
    This man steps out of his F1 after winning the race.

    A reporter using a mike runs to him states,
    ' So! ... How would you do it? . . What is the gt;secretlt; ?!? ...

    To which the driver replies:
    ' All you have to do is check out the oil pressure!!! '

    . . .if it were only as easy as just checking the oil pressure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am willing to attempt to code this item IF you please condense in 3-4 SHORT sentences everything I should know about the computer system. I've given a peek at the article connected but its wordy and I have to read lots of stuff within this period of time, plus english is not my language.

    Also dont expect professional programming..but I will give it a try if no greater proggy is doing this. .
    Postrock, thank you so much for offering your help. Yes, I will give a short explanation. However, before I do, let me ask some questions so I know what is and what is not possible in the making of this EA.

    1. Can the EA be made so I can change timeframes whenever I need? By way of instance, 1 day I might want to exchange on the 1 hr interval, and then another day I may decide to use another interval, like the 5 mn timeframe. To put it differently, I prefer to not have it stuck on one timeframe all the time.

    2. Can the EA be made with these 3 configurations: Long only, Short only, Long and Short. I'd love to manually set the EA to choose only the signs that are moving in the direction I need by choosing one of those settings.

    3. Can I change the stops and take profits on the EA? Or is the only way that you can make it's using the exact same stop and same take profit on most of trades?

    When I know that the answers to those questions then I can explain simpler about the machine and the EA we're searching for.


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