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Thread: How to get custom indior values?

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    if (EMA == EMPTY_VALUE){

    Equivalent to or that number 2147483647

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    Perhaps this May help..Add this Two lines in red

    //-- indiors
    SetIndexStyle(0, DRAW_ARROW, EMPTY,3);
    SetIndexArrow(0, 233);
    SetIndexBuffer(0, CrossUp);

    SetIndexStyle(1, DRAW_ARROW, EMPTY,3);
    SetIndexArrow(1, 234);
    SetIndexBuffer(1, CrossDown);

    Subsequently in your EA..

    Dual EMA_green = iCustom(... 0,0);
    dual EMA_red = iCustom(... 1,0);
    if (EMA_green ! = 0) {
    OrderSend (.... You're buying
    if (EMA_red ! = 0) {
    OrderSend (....your are promoting

    I trust this helps. .

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    (please reply to)

    Is there a most recent version of this indior?

    Can't find Mr. Jason Robinson, the UK writer, not the athlete, to ask why the popup alarm functions but the email alert does not?

    The thread appears to have stopped more than a year ago and maybe all is resolved? Running on M30, EUR/USD.

    Thanks to any who can help,

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