Limiting trades with an EA
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Thread: Limiting trades with an EA

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    My EA relies on a EMA crossover. It finds trades efficiently but over transactions. Whenever it closes out a transaction, if the terms haven't changed it opens another and another. For scalping purposes I only need the transaction right after the crossover and also get out until the next cross.

    Will there be a means to restrict the transactions to only take one until the direction changes and there's a new crossover?

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    Because most crosses are buy, sell, buy, sell...

    only read thru the background and only allow the opposite of the final order. This will cut the number of orders quite a bit.

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    Trade restricting with crossovers are easy. Post your codes here and anybody people can make those adjustments.

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    The code concept is simple.


    if(FastEMACurrent gt; SlowEMACurrent FastEMAPrevious lt;= SlowEMAPrevious) Cross Long.

    Basically, in order to determine a cross, the order of slow and fast ought to be switched.

    I composed a Generic MA crossover EA awhile ago. Is there some reason why you would rather not use that?

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    It's very hard to read when they are unindented since you didn't use code tags.

    Can you just post the code document as an attachment in a post?

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