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    1 Attachment(s) Hi guys,

    When I am looking at an MT4 chart I have problems clearly seeing the wicks sometimes (bad eyes !!) .

    Can it be feasible to get an indior to overwrite the bars that MT4 creates but with thicker wicks.... As this e-signal screen displays, where you can adjust the wick depth - in which placing 1 can be as MT4 is 2 and now would be thicker wicks such as this screenshot?

    I know that it sounds a bit of a dumb request but I wish I could read the candles clearer and I don't really need to fork out for e-signal only because of this !!


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    Right from IBFX is an indie called fatwicks that really does what you need. I have attached it to you. But be aware that you'll have tons and a lot of objects drawn on your chart as each wick overlay is a rectangle.


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    This is yet another more elegant answer to your request. Utilize the attached superwoodiecandles indie.

    Place the first two colors to black with a two width and the next two to none having a 1 breadth. Ensure that your chart possessions have chart on foreground selected. Establish your chart colors as desirable and presto, your chart looks like eSignal having an indior plus it seems better than the fatwicks.

    Of course another benefit is that the indior is really beneficial in its own right if you choose to use it. If you want to use it as planned, uncheck the chart onto foreground setting, change the next two colors to limegreen and crimson with 4 width and decide on a cci setting you like. I use 24 on my 1min charts as shown.


    PS. Sorry I really don't possess the mq4 variant

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    That is great .... Just what I was looking for radatats

    Much appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This is another more elegant solution to your request....

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