Silver down to $0.18 - Megaspike on Alpari!
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Thread: Silver down to $0.18 - Megaspike on Alpari!

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    1 Attachment(s) Did anyone else see this on Alpari or any other broker or was it only my feed?
    They sure did my Margin Call when silver hit $0.18. Game over for now!

    Since it is after business hours for Alpari it may not be worth bothering to try and get a hold of them right this moment!

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    It resembles Geoff at Alpari's back office is thudding the keyboard again with his huge monkey paws

    Edit: Pointless waiting for an Alpari response since they'll just say it was an incorrect price feed, but to be fair they will reinstate your own trade. But my query again and that's why don't they employ a single easy line of code in their server:

    Inserted Code if (feed gt; bid price by 5%) IgnoreTick();
    Thinks that make you go hmmmmmm

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    1 Attachment(s) I believe just youpersonally, this is what I see M30:

    looks like stop loss hunting for you then?

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    Stop hunting like this? One would believe that that's way too obvious! I'd no stop close to the market price!
    Price was approximately 18.70 before the spike. Almost looks like they did proceed the point two digits to the left ;--RRB-
    Just hope this didn't happen very close before a major breakout towards the North!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Cease hunting such as this? An individual would believe that that's way too obvious! I had no stop near the market price! Price was approximately 18.70 prior the spike. Almost seems like they did move the stage two digits to the left ;--RRB- Only hope this did not happen very near prior a major breakout towards the North!
    This is not the first time. I recall seeing another post with alpari at which the 'pro' account had considerably bigger candle wicks, candlestick tails than the standard account. A few hours later, the expert account prices and the standard account prices synced up quite much except for the spread gap ofc. The candle wicks have been gone in a couple of hours afterwards and so not positive if it's a technical problem or they are purposely manipulating prices. who knows...

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    This is the URL to another thread:

    not sure whether it's the exact same issue.

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    I'll contact them and see what the response is.

    MT is a SCAM? Not surprised. But interesting to see this Video!
    Conclusion: Move bodily. Buy REAL Gold/Silver and other resources like food and tools at the current times while the FIAT currencies are falling!

    And just IF you really are right and already now among the very few powerful traders, you might want to leave some playing with money on the table for pleasure. Still might think about, if it's possible to utilize your time more efficient at the way of preparation for possible outcomes in the falling markets.

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    1 Attachment(s) should you look at the picture below, you can see how the MT4 manager plugs to the architecture. Again, Alpari will only blame a spurious price feed and will trigger your transaction and say they've purged the error from the chart.

    Seeing your betrayal 'n gloom, I am with you..we are heading towards the 1920's around again ( as they push stocks to new highs in the hope to dupe retail so they can offload their rankings; that just ended with WW2 as war is the only way to economic meltdown, so anticipate middle east tensions to exacerbate as they stomp across the ME deserts with their military might to chase the black gold from the name of 'freedom'.

    I'll stock up as soon as I see news masking haulage companies going bust as that means gas prices are too high for them to send food to store shelves and margin compression will imply price climbs, then it's time to store BIG ahead of the herd.***.html

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    Sigh, the 'grey' area from the internet retail brokerage industry. If something goes wrong, simply blame the machine. I do admit no system is ideal and no broker is ideal and so it will be interesting to see how alpari handles this.

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    1 Attachment(s) OK. The spike disappeared from the chart, but my position, which has been closed in $0.18 isn't available yet.

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