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you might want to check at future brokers instead of strictly Foreign Exchange. Brokers like Interactive Brokers and MBTrading are a bit more controlled than Foreign Exchange brokers, thus I can only assume your capital would be somewhat safer. Nevertheless, this could be a dangerous assumption on my part.
A response I got out of MBTrading :

Hello, I only have few questions regarding MBTrading account security for
place Forex customers:1. How are the clientsinvestors funds shielded in case
of bankruptcy or bankruptcy? Can they be used to fulfill the companys debt?
Gt;gt;gt; There is not any account security for Forex accounts offered by any Foreign Exchange
dealer member firm, including MB Trading FX.
2. Do you maintain a segregated account for every single client OR administer a finance
comprising multiple customers ?
Gt;gt;gt; MBTF maintains segregated accounts for customer capital vs. operating
capital, nevertheless even customer capital that MBTF keeps separate from its
operating funds may not be safe from the claims of other general and
priority creditors.
3. What $ amount do you need in order to keep as reserves under latest
NFA rules and regulations?
Gt;gt;gt;$20,000,000 is your minimum below current NFA rules for Forex Dealer
4. What are the processes about distributing funds back to the
investorsclients if companys losses exceed the reserve funds available ?
Gt;gt;gt;same as previously.