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    Can anyone out there write progr for your GFT Dealbook? The speech is called CTL. Also, does anybody use this platform?

    Thanks, JIM

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Sim. It may be directly or indirectly related to the:
    Oh thanks, I frankly had done no research into this thing that's fairly disappointing. This timeof the year I guess. My only question:

    Is this is battle honest brokers have lost to some more profitable party? Or company?

    Taking into account that the current economic climate,its hard to remain positive. There should have been months notice before they froze my account, it is rather q serious thing to do this imo. But there was no notice just 1 day I wake up and my account is on close just standing.

    Scary to me personally.

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    That the jma is really a proprietary moving average by jurik

    I had been looking at it and then I stumbled to the the hull moving average also it follows price much better.

    Right now im trying to figure out how to program a hull mcad

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can anybody out there write apps for your GFT Dealbook? The language is called CTL. Does anyone use this platform?

    Thanks, JIM

    I use to write apps for Dealbook if GFT was my broker. I recall some things ... what exactly do I desire? Perhaps I can help.

    I discovered Dealbook to be quite great and GFT to be a great broker. I only reason I left was because I wished to exchange mini accounts, therefore I had to switch brokers.

    Joyful Trading ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I use to write apps for Dealbook if GFT was my broker. I remember some things ... what do u need? Perhaps I can help.

    I found Dealbook to be quite great and GFT for a great broker. I only reason I left them was because I wanted to trade mini accounts, so I needed to switch brokers.

    Happy Trading ....
    However, GFT allows mini accounts.

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    I utilize gft and deal publiion and have been very satisfied with service and backup would also be curious what progr your following not that I can help on that front

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    Well I am glad that there are additional Dealbook users here (I never see it said), and that you're getting the exact same positive experience as myself.

    I am thinking about two things. On the easy side; a S T R degrees indior like I recently read on this forum for MT4. I conduct a MT4 platform, not for trading, just to test out all of the gee whiz stuff that I see. The S T R levels for it functions nicely.
    On the more complex side I would like to get a system that given specific parameters would either offer a visual or audio (alert) signal. What do you believe?


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    I alos use the deal publiion Fx. I really like them, so far so good.


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    GFT is opening a UK office and needs to be able to take UK funds within the next week or 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    But GFT enables mini accounts.
    Opps ... I meant micro mini .... When they had been my broker, they did not have micro mini accounts ...

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