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Thread: (Euro) Elliott Wave Formations

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    Euro ....

    Now the Euro Seems to have traced out this... ///////////

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am a member in moneytec but my ID is differnt a few monthes ago we followed Fxsurfer that after some time I myself only get confused by his trading manner and you understand it better
    now it is while I look for you Elliot wave counts which are good keep the fantastic work . I think I need to find your articles here cause Moneytec intradytrade forum is upset after Fxsurfer....
    About your post I see s good purchase area @ 1.2870-80 like your own count. .
    I have to agree that Moneytec is upset and a sinking ship, especially after closing surfer's thread and accusing me of being him. Well, that's history and a number of traders have abandoned it. So all is not lost, Surfer has moved into his and continues to post .

    Anyhow, marketwavez also provides valuable graphs and advice so it is fantastic to see him on websites that appeciate his efforts instead of trying to undermine his thread.



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    Turning my attention to the Euro here


    Here is a Probable wave count

    1.3000 Resembles a Resitance Region !

    Perhaps We're nearing a Wave 4 Top of a sort ? ....

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    Wavez, is there any forum you do not belong to??? Do you trade? I doubt it....anyone using the disclaimer about Elliot Wave Like his, it is only a probability and not cast in stone is a poser and covering for his lack of skill to count or know EW....sure he makes a couple of calls that go right, hell, you can do that to a dart board to....if your trading off his graphs, your going to return or simply be a demo dealer going to all the different Forums seeking to be somebody....this is my single post on this thread, do not say you're not warned....by the way, look out for all those bit trendlines and 5 wave B waves....Hey wavez. . .same provide here as on Moneytec, show me 6 months live trading and I'll put you up to exchange with a 7 digit accounts. Who in thier right mind would turn down that? Unless you can not do it....once again, fantastic luck to anyone that uses these counts....you'll need it...

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