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Thread: (Euro) Elliott Wave Formations

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    Please excuse all the typos

    Im new here , just started now ....

    ... the discussion Isn't allowing me
    edit my posts for some reason

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    some thing like this is happening ....

    It may not come to pass -

    I am only sharing my perspectives of the market

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    Here is another possible problem for the bulls

    Multiple immunity at a 618 % Retracement Line


    if Nelson elliot was alive , he talked quite highly
    of this job of Fibonacci that the 16th century mathemetion!

    Nelson didn't talk of oscillators
    such as Macd , Stochastics Movbing Averages , Bollinger Bands

    you understand the bunch ! ....

    So that you dont need them to trade - Elliott Waves Method

    depart those oscillators into the backtesters
    as well as the machine traders of the Planet !

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    See the Graph above ....

    Can the Euro pierce through 3210 ?

    It certainly looks like some kind of ceiling ....

    Fibonacci retracements , How valuable are they ?

    Until there is a close above 3210 about the 1 hr pubs ....
    it apears that the Bears are in control ....

    Whats even more intersting is that this happened
    very fast friday just ahead of the markets closed !


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    Here's the Us Dollar

    that is exactly what affects all the currencies -

    look at this


    Well again , perhaps im wrong - I'm no guru ....
    But I've seen all all the charts and theier trends

    J.. . .ust posting what I see within this diary ....


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    Heres the Us Dollar ....

    Usd/ Chf

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    Here's a closer look at the Usd Chf ...

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    The graph above is 4 hour bar graph ....

    Now from looking at those graphs ,
    I actually dont find anything else bearish about the Usd Dollar ....

    Just my view of things ....

    What is yours ? .... fell free to post

    All are welcome !

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