Can anyone code this for money?
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Thread: Can anyone code this for money?

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    Virtually all market watch logos in bar charts (% increase daily)
    plus several other purposes

    I want to receive the % increase of symbols in Market View presented in bar-objectives,
    sorted from most to many - .
    The timeframe can be chosen by the user, from 1 min. To 1 month (whereas 1 day shall be default).
    The indior should provide these purposes:

    a) Sort outside and reflect only symbols with a certain value
    for ex. All that move over 0,22 %
    b) represent symbols between two values (for ex. 0,23 % and 1,2 %)
    Additionally it should have one/two alarms, for each and every symbol which goes over a value.

    Coding this as a heatmap is an advantage, but no must (if so, we can talk about the price again).

    EDIT: Big variety of symbols. 16 or might even 24 match into one chart-window; what about the remainder?!
    You cannot scroll in a chart-window so far as I understand. Could be the answer in starting the indior in an own window?

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    Wonderful ask... what I had been presumed and in my mind for some reason... in that this is also one...

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    Hi Andrew,

    I sent you a PM if you are interested.


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    As you have someone else coding I offer my first stab at it to anyone inerested
    (Put in a chart with no other indiors on it. Suggest UJ)


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    When you've got somebody else coding I provide my initial stab at it to anyone inerested (Put in a chart with no other indiors on it. Indie UJ) M. file
    I've attached the indior to a USDJPY chart with no additional indior.

    The diary shows the indior heaps. It makes the chart go blank with just grid visible. Nothing else shows up. Ikept it that way for hours shows up.
    Did I do anything wrong?

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    1 Attachment(s) I simply opened a UJ chart without any indis and subsequently loaded the above indi with default settings.
    Worked fine!!
    Not prepare to spend any more time with it.


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    1 Attachment(s) Dear Futurespec the exact same difficulty with Simnz....

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    Hi Futurespfc , I attempt 3 Broker MT4 same nothing else shows up....maybe I no luck have your Gift ...

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    Same problem here.

    Expert log says:
    Inserted Code 2017.11.02 09:52:36.219 mn Development USDJPY,H1: zero divide in 'mn Growth.mq4' (70,34)

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