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Thread: Are two accounts better than 1?

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    quote How does it slow me down? I can take the very same transactions or disperse my transactions over multiple accounts. It does not matter. What does matter are the limitations regarding the amount of your money regulators protect and if something happens to or with one of your broker. Then at least you have a backup. I heard many stories where brokers had difficulties when customers wanted to withdraw money. Like I said before, this doesn't apply for your little 10k account. You CAN do it as well, but it really gets its purpose when you have 30-50k...
    It only has purpose for accounts above 100K, and if trading with accounts above 100K there are better and much more efficient way is to secure your deposit.
    Slowing down, you have to place either multiple transactions on distinct platforms/accounts, even in the event that you get it automated you will acquire different fills because of distinct ping/delay, for a scalping system this may cause some damage to your profit amounts.

    Anyway, this discussion is getting pointless here.
    If one believes he needs to spread his little deposit in even smaller accounts than he has to do so.
    The question was are 2 accounts better then you, the answer is no.

    If one personally feels better to accomplish this, fine.

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    For a little investor would be better to concentrate on one account, If the reason for the multiple accounts diversifiion is that you do not trust your broker enough, then simply change it to get reputable STP broker with good trading conditions and investor's safety of fund policy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The question was are two accounts better then one, the solution is no. If one feels better to accomplish this, fine.
    I wouldn't say no.
    It can be a nice way of keeping track of separate egies or to test a new one out when you go live by it.
    Mixing them may slow you down too.
    Doing the separation trade by trade manually and onto paper/excel. By having it on a separate one you instantly see how a egy is working out.

    It does not need to be a full or equally sized account for that. You may have a main account and a micro account for that sole purpose.

    Therefore the reply to the question is it depends on you desire.

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    Exactly that was in my mind to use 1 account for long term trades and another for intraday.i have read that you just do long-term trading ? How is it moving? I want to keep it for week or weeks.

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    Two accounts may be good if each is opened with distinct broker in order to reduce the risk factor and if a single broker turns scam we have funds with another one.

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    It really depends, on what you are excited about trading. In the event that you're not really that distinguished, and you're keeping separate documents with brokers who concentrate on comparative resources, at that point I don't understand what's truly picked up by it. Then again, in the event that one broker has brilliant conditions and options from Forex, while another spotlights more on, say, things, at the point two documents could be gainful. Different documents are better as you've got more money. Just to expand chance in your broker side.

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