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Thread: ALpari-US Scam Alert Margin Call Level being moved from 20% to 100% in 72 hrs

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What leverage they before and what leverage would be they after the email to you? I do not use Alpari, so I am asking for advice.
    Leverage hasnt changed, what I meant by the announcement was drawn down accounts. I suppose the January deposit bonus wasnt generating the required capitol!


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    Could not you use this to your benefit,at a hypothetical, by setting up 2 little accounts for say $1000 each and buying on one and selling on the other and allow Alpari close the loser, you keeping more of your money than the preceding 20 percent, (which could have take about 94% of your account off), at 100%, (you'd only lose about 74% of your account on a margin call) And then letting the winner run. Is my logic flawed? Or is Alpari now taking the greater risk on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Could not you use this to your advantage, by placing up 2 little accounts for say $1000 each and buying on a single and selling on the other and let Alpari shut the failure, keeping more of your money than the previous 20%, (which would have take about 94 percent of your account off), at 100 percent, (you would only lose about 74 percent of your account on a margin call) And letting the winner operate. Is my logic flawed? Or is Alpari now taking the greater risk ?
    They can simply take a small long to start your account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    they could merely take a small long to open your account.
    Well lots of stuff could occur, your statement doesn't have anything to do with their risk, but the point is that their risk has effectively increased by them effectively guaranteeing a larger part of your account from ruin.

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    If they were a STP ECN then their logic is solid, because they're stating you're less credit worthy and they will not take the risk on your account to 20 percent of margin available.


    They are in reality a market maker, which means they're taking the other side of your trade. Consequently, they are effectively limiting your loss and limiting their profit out of you and also on the other account they're limiting their triumph and allowing your win to be unlimited. I don't think they thought this through, logically.

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    There is nothing scam in this email.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There's nothing scam in this email.

    I respectfully disagree, lets use this example because in both cases you're technically borrowing money.

    Lets say you just bought a new car and you put a sizeable down payment on your car or truck. Your bank a while down the street runs into financial trouble so that they decide to raise your interest rate on your car or truck from 4 percent to 20% to generate additional capitol; and send you an email stating that based upon the shift in interest rate you want to pay X number of dollars in 72 hours to maintain your account current or your own new automobile will be immediately repossessed. Ah I think anyone would believe this

    We as retail forex traders aren't accountable for the fiscal standards our brokers have to meet to stay in compliance. The NFA required minimum to perform business is their responsibility. They could easily meet the 15 million dollar requirement of the NFA by reducing their leverage to 50:1. Subsequently the 18 million that they now hold would be sufficent. Rather they decide to embark on a policy shift which may generate millions of dollars in pressured deposits and or margin called accounts within 72 hours. What could you call this but a scam?

    Lets look at an example, say that a swing trader has an $80,000 account thats currently at a margin level of 70.0% which isnt uncommon, he could readily have to come up with $4000 just to bring the account into the 100% margin level to save present positions. However, in all actuallty we all know this wouldnt be enough as your account is still quite close to the danger zone. Under the prior coverage of 20% margin call using an account in margin level of 70% you've 3.5:1 differential. So lets say you decide under this new policy of 100% margin level that you want to acquire your margin level up to lets say 300% until you can get out of some transactions, you'd readily have to come up with another $26,000 in 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What else could you call this, this is directed at the large accounts which are below 100% margin level, and it will take a substantial deposit to put your account back to a manageble position!!

    Now I've already heard the awful management theme from one post, I don't swing trade, therefore I have no clue what good money management is for trades which you endure for indefinite periods of time!!! I will reiterate that I'm not effected by these changes because I scalp, however I really do know swing traders that always have a margin level of 90 percent!!! I was speaking to one swing trader today which has a sizeable Alpari account at roughly 90% margin level, and he said that he has to cable about $1200 just get back to 100% and an additional $24,000 so that he has enough space to work himself from his transactions so he could close his account.

    It doesnt look all that bad before you really do the numbers!!!!!!!!


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    Btw that the 10% credit deposit is with alpari UK. I havnt recieved this email about change of margin requirement, it is for US I presume.
    Also I Would like to let other Men and Women understand that the 10% bonus has died on the 10th janruary

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    My issue with the full issue is a move from 20% to 100% to get a border call is huge change in your record approach; and to give your clients 72 hour warning and by way of email at that is completely unacceptable IMHO. Should not something be said about traders who are still in the midst of a furlough with positions open on there terminal, and there accounts are under 100% free edge, ahh they will return one week from now and have a major amazement anticipating them.

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