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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote So if I toast the account just like I have done repeatedly, its gonna be all your fault
    Haha too funny if you toast the account you can buy me a drink as my fee Seriously though for me it was between them and Pepperstone, but IC's in Sydney so that I thought could also if I want to bust down their door they're just in town...

    Back to OP - I attempted IG on demo liked some of the products such as one touch alternatives but at the close of the day they act as market maker which don't sit right by me.

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    I am attempting to find basic info on the IG site....not as simple at as one may think....they conceal relevant info well....not a great start....

    1) Does anyone know what would be the withdrawal and deposit fees IG fees for EU banks?

    2) Where's there live chat connection??

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    So far as I know there are no withdrawal / deposit charges. But they used to have an inactivity fee so that I would check if they still charge that. I think you need to open an account to view any live data

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    Do not think so. IG Index is still running. I've an account

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    IG stocks dropped because of FCA decisions, the company and it's company is still running of course.

    The FCAs overhaul struck the shares of financial gambling giants, using IG Group faring worst after its shares fell 38 percent to its lowest levels in 3 decades, while sending rivals CMC Markets and Plus500 tumbling.


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    Shares have begun to do so and will bounce back. Big company that really does. I don't have any issues and have traded with them for many years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    As far as I am aware that there are no withdrawal / deposit fees. But they used to have an inactivity fee so that I would check if they bill that. I think you need to start an account to find any live data
    Hi BBHide1, I have opened a small account (as small as small can be) simply to realize how their MT4 setup plays, collect some baseline data so that I can compare it with the functioning of the forthcoming months (just to ensure their conclusion remains offering the same amount of quality throughout my trading).

    BTW, Yes I read they still bill an inactivity charge.

    So far I can say the next...

    * No commission on EU bank transfers
    * MT4 setup seems OK so far, I have had 5 requotes my first two or three days, and after that it ceased; Should I see it happen again I shall inquire with specialized assistance to see what exactly is going on
    * The way that they charge your SWAPs is different compared to any other broker I have worked with -- I will have to get back with this one...

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