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Thread: Commitments of Traders Weekly Report

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    The COT is not a trading indior to follow blindly, it's an indiion of where the money is going, you need a system to help you ch the movements.

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    Can I say COT report is a typical guides of what's the real trend is currently happening?
    And if to get a more exact entry, we will need to look for trading indior signal?

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The COT isn't a trading indior to follow blindly, it's an indiion of where the big money is going, you still need a platform to assist you ch the movements.

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    Yup.... Perhaps you have watched the movie I linked to yet?
    If not, do so today it will answer most of your queries.

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    Actually nope. Cause I tried many times and the video is not going.
    Do you have this video or any references so I can follow?

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Paradoxically.... Have you watched the video I connected to yet?
    Otherwise, do this now it'll answer the majority of your questions.

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    The pdf file attached in place #6 is a (very) brief overview of what is contained on this video. If you can download and save the movie to your hard disk that is local it should play fine. It's well worth the opportunity to watch from begin to end and very informative.

    Thanks for posting the link to the vid, john. This is the best thread I've seen yet discussing the COT.

    Rabid appears to think a weekly report has limited usefulness unless you just happen to be trading the weekly TF. Anyone have any thoughts on that? John?

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    I believe one probably should not trade any shorter TF than daily when utilizing COT data, and it only provides you insight as to where the big money sentiment is which is just a little more information for our advantage.... Every little bit helps.

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