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Thread: Looking for a colour change moving average...

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    Sorry if this is posted somewhere but I've searched a lot of phrases and can not find anything it's called something else?

    Anyway, I'm looking for a moving average (which could be set to different periods, e.g. 200) which changes colour once the trend changes management. I have seen this before but can not find it today.

    Many thanks for those who help, and for people who read my post about ADX at histogram, I discovered an indior and posted it on this thread for people who desire it.

    Thank you in advance,


    EDITI found it shortly after posting this, hunt will not let you find anything under 3 letters long! It had been TSR Signal lineup I was looking for.

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    Here's one I have been working on...

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    Hi Phy, it took me to work out how your indior was relevant. That is some awesome indior you have there, wouldn't it make your charts more challenging to see?


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