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    Having entred brief on euro/usd and gbp/usd , I am still bullish on equally at the long term.

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    Did you 50pip stop loss ever got taken out on Non Farm Payroll?

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    Nope on the Non Farm roll I made a profit.

    Additionally I shook my trades at break at the news time I was not expecting such a bad result on the news.

    Also I went flat before the news:

    i.e. euro/usd exited at 1.2065: 25

    and GBP/usd 1.7475: -11

    I'm flat Right Now, but am looking bulish

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Can you 50pip stop loss ever got taken out on Non Farm Payroll?
    Actually my NFPR only reached its longer term goal yesterday:

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Buy Limit @ 1.1865
    Stop Loss @ 1.1785
    Goal @ 1.2249 ( in 3-4 days) however I will limit out in 1.2050 , and keep on re going into the trade.

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    Is not it nerve wrecking that after you get to your profit objective which you have to think about reentering the transaction. How can you do so?

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    Currencies trend but they dont trend in a line, They go up, conslidate create negitive divergence see oops we are currently going the wrong way, return and go up.

    My long-term profit objective for the euro is 1.4000 , now I'd be crazy if I just bought euro/USD and anticipated to hit 1.4000 it does not happen this way, as long as the pair keeps rising as it pertains down less than what it's climbed I will be bullish.

    Also my thought on re-entering the trade , Sell the pair in an up trend when all of the indiors are shouting over bought. And re enter at a retracement of the up trend

    Having said that I expect the euro to rally further over the upcoming couple of day however it may just consolidate a little before heading up again.

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    Hello Men,

    After a holiday, I'll be back posting my trades, BTW my Euro trades are doing really well.

    That is my view on the market:
    Euro/USD: over purchased, also the advertisements are promoting the euro futures, signaling a possible end to the run.

    Usd/Cad: Appears to be making the 1-2-3 underside on the four hrs charts.

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    According to the hottest COT, the commercials are net short on the Euro.

    This meens We ought to anticipate a downfall of this Euro/usd When we're in resistance levels and should me have negitive divergence on a higher level chart.

    As of now, I see Potential negitive divergence on MACD, if the euro strikes The Weekly/Monthly Piviot amounts of 1.2805 and 1.2820 respectively.

    I would like to go short on the euro at roughly these amounts with the following transaction:

    Euro/USD -- Brief
    Sell Euro/USd -- 1.2805-1.2820
    Stop Loss ------- 1.2855
    Target----------- 1.2624 ( Monthly Piviot degree, Resistance tunred support)

    Other transactions comming soon:

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    AUDUSD short at 0.7745 SL @ 0.7781 Target: 0.7592
    (Counter trend trade, sell on possible change, want to be carefull)

    EURJPY long at 141.62 SL 141.37 goal 142.60

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    Hi huskin,
    where do you get the COT information from? I've read about it but havent been able to determine how to read it and where to get it from.

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