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    As I am journaling my adventures using a 20, this thread is primarily.

    That is total throw-away money for me, so in all honesty, I only need to see if I can turn this hedge fund to an equity generating machine.

    I am not planning to release the mechanics of the system because the person who owns the system hasn't given me permission to however. This isn't a series and I am not tracking the charts constantly.


    Trade line 1 is divided on both sides: 18450

    Impact: 10200.00
    Equity: 10200.00
    Useable Margin: 10107.84
    Open Trades: two
    P/L: $0
    Hedge Status: Initializing

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    Trade line -1 is Divided on both sides: 18400

    Balance: 10200.00
    Equity: 10200.00
    Useable Margin: ~10016.00
    Open Trades: 4
    P/L: $0
    Hedge Status: Initializing
    Hedge Range: 50

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    No updates here. . .but I have decided to move this diary into some more applicable forum.

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    Cool keep us posted im always interested in pruning things

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    Same here....ive been shing my demo acct for a couple of days now with some fairly crazy results...

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